2468.Tv – In Association With Bollywood-Hub & DesiInvasion

Have you been looking for a reliable Desi Video streaming site? Well your wait is over! DesiInvasion & Bollywood-Hub brings you: 2468.Tv, the site provides the latest and best Desi Music Videos in the Asian scene for streaming! Not only does it offer latest videos, it has a bunch of oldskool music, so for all you oldies that miss listening/watching music back from your days, you need to drop into this website!

So what you waiting for? Drop into www.2468.tv, register up, watch your favourite videos out of the big selection of over 3000+ videos, and upload any new videos you may have for the rest of us to watch!

Enjoy the site, and keep it locked onto Bollywood-Hub.Com – for the latest updates in the Bollywood scene – the Best Bollywood portal!

2 Responses to “2468.Tv – In Association With Bollywood-Hub & DesiInvasion”

  1. Gabbarsingh says:

    oye salla … where have u been …. is the latest Captain Bhangra II out ??…there hasnt been any of your bhangra latest releases post for a long time man .. any new good ones out ???

  2. Anonymous says:

    i’ll post the new releases on here, and yes Captain Bhangra 2 is out