5 Bhangra Albums Update – Simon Nandhra, Jassi Sohal, Nas-T and Sonic S!!

DesiInvasion is back again, with an update of the early December 2006 bhangra albums! These posts will be short and sweet! 🙂

Simon Nandhra – Silent Tears:

Simon Nandhra is back for 2006, with the release of ‘Silent Tears’ out on Music Waves. With his previous successful album ‘Underestimated’ released back in 2005, this album is sure to be another hit! This album features 12 tracks (excluding 2 remixes), featuring some classic tunes.


01. Par Langah Deh (Across The Rivers) Ft. Amrinder Gill
02. Na Jaeo Pardes Ft. Sanji V (Home & Away)
03. Jinde Meriey Ft. Master Rakesh (Never Leave You)
04. Bari Mastani Ft. Tariq Khan (Ride Or Die Joint)
05. Sadeyan Paran Ft. Master Rakesh (Ungrateful Edit)
06. Sarwan Bacha Ft. Kuldeep Manak (2K2 Flashback)
07. Doli Vichon Heer Ft. Sanji V (Rock ‘n’ Roll)
08. Par Langah Deh (Steets Mix) Ft. Amrinder Gill
09. Na Jaeo Pardes Ft. Sanji V (Psycho Hype)
10. Jinde Meriey Ft. Master Rakesh (Bring The Beat Back)
11. Bari Mastani Ft. Tariq Khan (Traditional)
12. Sadeyan Paran Ft. Master Rakesh (Acoustic)
13. Sarwan Bacha Ft. Kuldeep Manak (Water For Life Mix)
14. Doli Vichon Heer Ft. Sanji V (Yeah)

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Jassi Sohal – Nishani

Another release out on Music Waves, but this time it’s by Jassi Sohal, entitled ‘Nishani’. After his previous successful album ‘Jinde’, this 12 track album should prove to be another success!


01. Jassi Sohal – Chithiyan
02. Jassi Sohal – Jandi Jandi
03. Jassi Sohal – Jee Ni
04. Jassi Sohal – Maahi
05. Jassi Sohal – Masti
06. Jassi Sohal – Munda
07. Jassi Sohal – Nishani
08. Jassi Sohal – Phullan Wangu
09. Jassi Sohal – Put Jattan Da
10. Jassi Sohal – Razi Khushi
11. Jassi Sohal – Sadhni
12. Jassi Sohal – Yaari

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Nas-T – 2 Advance

After the album ‘Sensation’ Nas-T is back with another album entitled ‘2 Advance’ out on Pan Rhythm Productions. This album features a minor 9 tracks, with the likings of Khadija, Nasir Khan and JKD, and many more.


01. Majaja – I.G. Ali

02. Asa Rehna – Nas-T

03. Main Kaliyan – Nasir Khan

04. Ve Ik Tera Pyaar – JKD

05. Teri Yaad – JKD

06. Ranjhana (Remix) – Khadija

07. Jadon Da – Nasir Khan

08. Boliyan (Traditional) – MC Murdizzle Manizzie

09. Outro

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Sonic S – A Slice Of Desi

The Record Label ‘Dance Policy’ have now released a remix album, featuring mixes of classic and modern tunes, such as ‘Rail Gaddi’ and ‘Kangna’. This 6 track album features the likings of Shin, Cheshire Cat, Bella, and many more!


01. Aj Tenoo Nachna Pao (The Full Fat Mix) – Featuring Mahendra kapoor & Cheshire Cat

02. Challa (The Chill Out Mix) – Featuring Reshma, Cheshire Cat & Sundeep

03. Kangna (The Lovers Mix) – Featuring Shin & Bella

04. Rail Gaddi (The Party Train Mix) – Mangal Singh & Bella

05. Aj Tenoo Nachna Pao (The After Party Mix) – Featuring Mahendra Kapoor & Cheshire Cat

06. Bombay Theme (The House Mix) – Bella & Suzanne

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  1. zia says:

    Bro thanks lot for the 5 best bhangra download links could u please put link for THE STREETS OF BOLLYWOOD 2 thanksss

  2. Anonymous says:

    zia honey all u gota do is go to desiinvasion.com and get it from ther…trust me just go their…i abit

  3. Anonymous says:

    yo any one know where to get Taj-E new album dwnloads from for free????? plzz yaaroo meri help karoo!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    thanks yar i download that album thanksssss lotssss.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous go on http://www.digitalbhangra.com
    or http://www.sunzara.com

    u mite get download link from sunzara.

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