Angeline Jolie And Brad pitt In Rikshaw In Pune

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived in PUNE last week (october 3rd) are filming a new movie “A Mighty Heart” in PUNE. Jolie liked the reception they Got

Jolie is playing Mariane Pearl, the widow of slain Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, in the film version of Mariane Pearl’s book, A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Danny Pearl. The movie is being produced by Pitt’s Plan B production company.

Thats in brief the storyline Enjoy the Pics

The small kid sandwiched inbetween is Maddox Jolie-Pitt aged 4 years

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6 Responses to “Angeline Jolie And Brad pitt In Rikshaw In Pune”

  1. Thanks for this. I love anything to do with Brad Pitt, he has had a troubled time in his personal life, but I still like him.

  2. Ellen says:

    Unlucky they had to split. I think that angelina+brad was a pretty good couple.

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