Apache indian Bhangra Raggamuffin to perform in Perth Metro Nighclub Australia

Apache indian .. the original bhangra raggamuffin is hittin our shores soon at Metro Nightclub perth australia on 07 th sept 2007 .$ 30 A ticket is quite okay i guess For a Apache indian Nite . atleast you get to hear a celebrity … And the Djs are quite good too.. even tho ther are not fully tuned to what the Public wants all the time !!

Apache Indian, UK’s Bhangra and Reggae legend is coming down to Perth for a ONE NIGHT ONLY show!!! and if you’ld like to know how to get a discount, email us at audacious.vibes@gmail.com however, the discount offer lasts only till 31 August 07! and is specially out for our www.bollywood-hub.com visitors
It’s going to be a HOT bhangra and reggae party with DJ’s like Mixtabishi, Aswon and Don Migi…

On 07/09/07 as we groove to the sounds of the reggae and bhangra legend, Apache Indian flying all the way from the UK for a one night only show in Perth!!!
Apache Indian is regarded as the catalyst of the fusion of Reggae, Raggamuffin, Hip Hop & Bhangra which exploded globally creating a new market for the music world to explore.
A Legend in his field & he is recognized as the first true Asian International Mainstream Artist!
The list of ground breaking achievements & numerous Industry Awards goes on & takes Apache all the way to Hollywood where his songs have been featured in 8 Hollywood movies including Dumb & Dumber, Threesome, Scooby Doo 2 & Wallace & Gommit!
Apache has collaborated with some of the biggest names from the Industry such as: Maxi Priest, Shaggy, Pras (The Fugees), Boy George, Luciano, Malkit Singh, Bappi Lahri, Sly & Robbie, Desmond Dekker, Yami Bolo, Tim Dogg, Jazzy B, Frankie Paul, Peter Spence, Bobby Digital & many more!
Apache has toured the world 4 times throughout his 18-year career & has released 8 albums that have collectively sold over 11 million copies!
So.. dont waste this chance to party all night with this legend. The night will also be supported by our local talents, DJ Mixtabishi, DJ Don Migi, DJ Aswon & the DawgPound and MC Tru-In-Deed, who knows exactly how to crank up the party!!!!
Visit www.moshticketing.com.au to purchase the tickets!!!
Tickets sales starts Tueday, 14 August 2007!!!
Tickets are sold at AUD30 and if you dont act quickly, you will have to pay AUD37 at the door!!!!!

Apache indian rocks tha house at Metro city Perth


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Featured Item

Apache Indian Time For Change

Apache Indian
Time For Change (2005)
5 stars

CD $13.89 (You Save $3.09)
Track Listing: Israelites, The; Sometimes Love; Acting Shady; Global Talk; Calling Out To Jah; Everyday; All Religions; I Pray; Shackle & Chain; Throw Your Hands Up; Get Loose; So Hott; That Girl; Tere Toor; Selecta; Tell Me; Om Numah Shivaya; Prayer For Change, A;

Track Listing

Song Title

Israelites With Desmond Dekker

Sometimes Love

Acting Shady

Global Talk

Calling Out To Jah With Luciano


All Religions

I Pray (Unplugged)

Shackle & Chain

Throw Your Hands Up With El Feco & Wil Guice

Get Loose! With Pras

So Hott! With Ms. Jade & Lady Ru

That Girl With El Feco

Tere Toor With Binder Bajwa


Tell Me Now

Om Numah Shivaya (Tsunami Charity Single)

A Prayer For Change With Gunjan (Rr Mix)

Israelites With Desmond Dekker (Bashment Mix)

Apache indains first album

No Reservations (Island, 1993)

Despite his name, Apache Indian is not Native American; rather, he is of Indian (that is, from India) decent. Since Jamaica — and the Caribbean as a whole — has a fairly sizable Indian population (although he’s actually from England), an Indian dancehall DJ isn’t that strange a concept. Indeed, Super Cat is of mixed Indian descent, but he does not proclaim it as loudly as Apache does. Since he is so proud of his ancestry, he peppers his songs with Indian music and language, which may turn some people off and others on. I’m fairly ambivalent towards it; I don’t understand a lot of dancehall lyrics anyway, so it doesn’t make much difference if they’re in Hindi. Being neither Jamaican nor black makes his fight for stardom an uphill battle in many people’s eyes, so it is to his credit that for the most part, he “keeps it real.” There is only one dancy crossover track, “Feel It fe Real,” with Maxi Priest; the rest are undeniably dancehall. However, while there are nice elements in many of the cuts, only a few put them all together to form good material. The hit “Chok There,” for one, is a likable, energetic jam, whose flow is the opposite of the equally enjoyable laid-back funk of “Come Follow Me.” Meanwhile, “Movie Over India,” Apache’s first single, may be the best work on the album. With artists of any genre, a great part of the appeal lies in how people like the sound of their voices. This is one problem I had with Apache; his voice just doesn’t do anything for me. While not wimpy, it certainly isn’t strong, and his chatting style is at times a bit slow and belabored, as if he has to put forth effort to get his patois right. I don’t know exactly what sort of accent he has when he talks, but the different inflections between English, Indian, and Jamaican when he chats create some discordance in his sound.

Track Listing
1. Don Raja [Prelude]
2. Chok There
3. Feel It fe Real featuring Maxi Priest
4. Fix Up
5. AIDS Warning
6. Guru
7. Wan’ Know Me
8. Come Follow Me

9. Don’t Touch featuring Frankie Paul
10. Arranged Marriage
11. Drink Problems
12. Movie Over India
13. Magic Carpet
14. Badd Indian
15. Don Raja

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