Bollywood Vs shiv sena

There will be doubt now that  the whole of bollywood will despise the shiv sena , soon the whole people of Mumbai will also revolt  except for a select few .. just to give support out of  fear maybe.

Guess who the winners are here and who the losers ?

Loosers vs winners  Shive sena sore loser

1 My name is loser

2.My name is khan

3.My name is loser


Posted by  at 18:06, Feb 13, 2010

British came to india & rule india 4 150 years.
By dividing hindus,muslims,marathi,bengoli& so on..
bt seems like parties like shivsena & mns etc. didnt learnt lesson from that.
This people are still fighting on those factors.
I think we all r INDIAN first as well as last.
so m going to watch my name is…
& everybody should go there & watch it if they want to.

Posted by  at 20:19, Feb 12, 2010

The citizens and voters expect that politicians should be more concerned towards addressing the voters’ problems rather than wasting their energy on useless issues. There are more serious issues that the so called hindutva and marathi masihas can address. There politicians are just losing their credibility. I think that SRK and Big B are doing more for the society than our politicians. I feel that these so called opposition leaders should study political science and understand the responsibilities of an opposition party. I am a devout hindu and a true marathi manoos still I am least concerned about the issues these politicians are highlighting.

Posted by  at 16:18, Feb 12, 2010

I think,

5 sections should be banned.

1)MNS and Raj:- For spreading nonsense and not at all concentrating on real public issues.

2)Shivsena:- Same reason applies.

3)Shahrukh Khan:- Using media and using constitution’s power of freedom of speech, to publicize himself and his movie, Pls read front page news on, this guys has again said something now in UK, to publicize himself.

4)Congress:- Not taking appropriate measures to curb such regional elements. and using them to serve self purpose of power hunger.

5) Media:- by publishing and sensationalize, such nonsense news on the front page and destroying the peace of the common ppl.

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  1. David says:

    Well written. I am really happy that at last the movie is released and it is successfully running over the theatres all over the world. One of the great hits in bollywood.
    Thanks for the well written content.

  2. benjy says:

    Very nice indeed, eagerly looking forward seeing it

  3. sounds like a lot of work to me… Sent from my iPhone