Bollywood’s famous hip shake

Fifty years to the day after the release of the hip-swiveling tune "The Twist", the man who made it famous celebrated the occasion in his hometown. “Chubby Checker” performed on Friday at a free noontime concert at Philadelphia City Hall. About 1,000 people joined in on the gyrations, some even invited onstage by the South Philadelphia-bred singer.

bollywood tumka or hip booty shake

Checker brought groups of fans onstage throughout the concert. Ages, sizes and senses of rhythm varied widely, "The Twist", which kept the crowd going despite temperatures around 90 degrees.

“The twist has been in bollywood “ from the old black and white era  but the great “Hip Shake” will be always a bollywood favorite  no matter what for its subtle seductive charm. the ver so subtle hip shake that every bollywood movie  or song had to have  at one time is slowly dieng away.

Shakira Booty Hip shake for Bollywood

If things go as planned, pop sensation Shakira would sing and shake her booty  and also do the ever so popular “bollywood Hip shake” for a Bollywood flick. Film producer Surya Pratap is in final stages of negotiations with Shakira for a song in his movie The Final Call which is based on the theme of father-son relationship. Rumour has it that Shakira will not just sing the song but would also be part of a music video to be shot in Los Angeles. If things fall in place, Shakira would do the hip-shaking jig with the films leading man, probably Sanjay Dutt.

shakira hip shake for bollywood tumka

The bollywood hip shake is also popularly known in hindi as “TUMKA”


tumka bollywood shakira booty shake



Belly dance is also a popular dance form similar to Bollywood moves and in which the hip shake is much more prominent

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  2. Kat says:

    Katrina Kaif Hip Shake in Shela Ki Jawani is coming soon. Going to be a Big Hip Shake.

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    amazing work nice posting thanks….

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    I love it, superb blog post. Ive decided to utilize this information in the future. By the way where did you come across this website design?

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    Katrina Kaif’s Sheila ki jawani is another addition to hip-shake :d

  6. Katrina Kaif’s Dance well in Sheila ki jawani

  7. amazing work nice posting thanks…

  8. Katrina Kaif’s hip-shakes in Sheila Ki Jawani are real awesome. She learnt belly dancing for the song we hear.

  9. Ash is the best hip shaker in bollywood.

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  11. Rabia says:

    Ash is the best form all the actresses

  12. I love Shakira Dancing, no one in Bollywood that can compete Shakira