Brett lee goes bollywood – singing a song Doh

When I learnt Brett Lee hired a linguist to teach him Urdu a few years back, I thought it was to help with his sledging on the Indian tour. It turns out he was actually preparing for a career in Bollywood, having just released his first single. Doesn’t the music industry know cricketers and music just don’t go together?
Watching Brett Lee singing to an admittedly hot Indian girl (the young one, not the mother) gives that same cringe factor when watching the Wiggles – you’re embarrassed for him as he checks his dignity at the door but also have a grudging admiration that the guy will probably make a million dollars from it all. Well, I guess it could be worse – he could be toe tapping in a full Bollywood dance musical Or even worse – he could be a ex-footballer – they seem to take every opportunity to dress in drag on the Footy Show.


Well, I heard the song the other day. What is this? It is pretty sad to see Cricketers losing concentration in Cricket. Lee has made the biggest mistake, since he has entered Bollywood media. It is something that gives you too much fame and takes away everything of yours. I am certain that Lee won’t be able to focus on his cricket, IF HE CONTINUES TO STAY IN MUSIC!
That is what I think. Shoaib did some commercials in India, out of country, that caused him to lose his focus on cricket, and turned it only to money. So, lets see how it goes with Lee.

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