Desi Dark Child – Curfew

R. Jassal aka Desi Dark Child is now out with his debut album ‘Curfew’ on Nachural Records. There are fifteen tracks on the album featuring folk Punjab legends like Asa Singh Mastana & Surinder Kaur, K Deep & Jagmohan Kaur, Didar Sandhu & Sanek Lata & also UK new singers P Supra, S Roudh, S Jassal & D Mall.

Track Listing:

01. Johri – Didar Sandhu & Sanek Lata
02. Prandi – Pally Supra (DDC)
03. Pardes – Sukhi Roudh (DDC)
04. Ikk Dholki – K Deep & Jogmohan Kaur
05. Nach – Salag Jassal (DDC)
06. Dil Da – Prem Chamkila
07. Born Punjabi – Dalvir Mall (DDC)
08. Loor Nee – Sukhi Roudh (DDC)
09. Pullgee – Pally Supra (DDC)
10. Akk Nal Akk – Sukhi Roudh (DDC)
11. Glass – Pally Supra (DDC)
12. Lak Hiller – Surinder Kaur & Asa Singh Mastana
13. Yarro – Pally Supra (DDC)
14. Memories – Sukhi Roudh (DDC)
15. Outro – Desi Dark Child

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Unfortunately this album had to be removed due to some problems, however, we will still let no one down. Alternate Rapidshare links are provided below:

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