DHOOM 2 – The Movie

Star Cast ‘Dhoom 2’ has a bigger star cast than its prequel. While Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra reprise their respective roles, Bipasha Basu joins them in the role of a cop.
On the opposite side are Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai , pairing together for the first time.
Abhishek Bachchan as Jai DixitACP Jai Dixit is a sharp and intelligent cop with a no-nonsense attitude. He knows well how to put a tight leash on criminals and how to bring them to book. A tough cop who leads from the front, Jai Dixit knows the art of baiting a sly criminal out of his/her den.
But he meets his match in a most elusive thief called Mr. ‘A’, who has baffled the police throughout the world.
Bipasha Basu as Shonali BoseDon’t go on the beautiful and sexy exterior of ACP Shonali Bose. Behind her delicate look is a rough and tough woman who has been the best sharpshooter in the force.
Shonali is an intelligent, thinking cop who has been gathering all information on the crimes conducted by the elusive Mr. A.
Hrithik Roshan as AryanSupercop Jai Dixit describes him as “the perfect thief” who has left the entire police force baffled. He lurks in the shadows, he comes when least expected and leaves without a trace. No one has seen him. On paper, he does not exist. But he is the man behind the most daring and impossible heists. He is Aryan (Hrithik), or Mr. ‘A’.
Aryan has a unique style of working. He trusts none. He seeks challenges. He loves stretching his own limitations. Impossible is nothing for him.
He is like a thief with the personality of a gentleman. He uses his brain more than his tongue. He is a quiet, thinking thief with very refined tastes in arts, wine and women.
Aishwarya Rai as SunehriAs her name suggests, Sunehri is always on lookout for some golden opportunity. An extremely beautiful, fearless and ambitious girl, Sunehri lives in the suburbs of Mumbai but dreams of America and Australia.
Her life changes after she meets Aryan.
Uday Chopra as AliAlthough he has now become a police officer, Ali hasn’t changed much from his former jovial self. He still is a non-serious guy with a sense of humour for everything. He still loves riding bikes. And his heart still skips a beat at the sight of a woman. Ali provides comic relief in this cops and robbers story.
StoryThe location is the vast and dry desert of Namibia. The only sign of civilization is a railway line that runs through the heart of the desert. A royal family is traveling in a train, carrying a centuries old royal crown.
Out of nowhere, comes Mr. A, an anonymous thief. And even before the guards and the royal family can sense danger, the crown is stolen.
Back in Mumbai, Jai and Ali make an unlikely team. Ali still gets reprimanded by his senior for his flippant attitude. But in crucial moments the two work with utmost compatibility, nabbing the criminals and bringing them to book.
After eluding the police of many nations, Aryan now comes to Mumbai. Cops haven’t seen his face. They only know him as Mr. A.
In Mumbai, Aryan meets his match in Sunehri. Although Sunehri is just a petty swindler, she is not in awe of Aryan’s larger-than-life persona. Rather, she makes him an offer of partnership. Amused and impressed, Aryan accepts her offer.
Shonali is Jai’s classmate from college days. She is now a police officer. She has been tracking the movements and crimes of Mr. A throughout the world. Shonali and Jai team up to nail the criminal whom no one could catch so far.
What happens when the most reliable cop and the most elusive thief come face to face? Jai and Aryan give each other tough time. Many times Aryan has the upper hand, but Jai also gets even with him. Deep within, the two also develop respect for each other.
But then, Jai devises an ingenious plan to snare Aryan. Will Aryan take the bait? Or will he remain elusive as ever?
Shooting Locations‘Dhoom 2’ has been shot at various locations : Namibia, Goa, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Durban and Rio De Janeiro.

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