Dil hota hai anmol, Ye daulat se na tol, – Aisha

Yeh the Lyrics are rocking for this song and so is the rest of the music tracks for Aisha

“Dil hota hai anmol,
Ye daulat se na tol” – from gal mithi mithi bol

- Aisha singers (Tochi Raina) and lyrics javed akhtar

Aisha -The Movie  review

The songtracks for the movie “aisha” out do the movie itself, but  the movie is not that bad itself, you wont go home disappointed or then will be a certainly be  “happy chappy”  in your lounge if you are watching the movie  in your lounge bedroom.

aisha songtrack music movie review

Short story of the movie

After successfully arranging the marriage of her Delhi-based spinster aunt, Chitra, to Colonel Raghuvendra Singh, self-styled ‘Event Manager’, Aisha Kapoor, decides to turn match-maker. She is convinced that she can find the right match for anyone, including Bahadurgarh-based naive and innocent Shefali Thakur. Chaos and bitterness results after Aisha decides to convert Shefali into a modern and fashionable woman, and concludes that Randhir Gambhir is the ideal groom for her

Here is the music album for aisha ( Aisha Songlist – Tracklist)

Suno Aisha – Aziz Nazan, Ash King, Amit Trivedi       
Gal Mitthi Mitthi - Tochi Raina       

Sham - Amit Trivedi, Neuman Pinto, Carissa D’Souza       

Behke Behke – Anushka Manchanda, Raman Mahadevan, Robert Bob Omulo, Samrat Kaushal, Suman Sridhar       

Lehrein - Neuman Pinto, Anusha Mani, Carissa D’Souza       

By The Way – Anushka Manchanda, Neuman Pinto   

Gal Mitthi Mitthi (The Bombay Bounce Dhol Mix) – Tochi Raina       

Lehrein (The Bombay Bounce Lounge Mix) – Neuman Pinto, Anusha Mani, Carissa D’Souza   

Listen to the soundtrack over here – http://music.raag.fm/Hindi_Movies/songs-29601-Aisha-Various

Check out the cool official Movie website

aisha  website review


And here are the lyrics for the full song “Gal Mithi Mithi Bol”from Aisha

Gal mithi mithi bol,
Ras kaano main tu ghol,
Bajne de taashe dhol,
Masti main tu bhi dol,
Mann ke naina tu khol,
Chahat ke moti roll,

Dil hota hai anmol,
Ye daulat se na tol,

Aa soni teinnu chend ki main chudi pehnawa,
Mennu karde ishara to main doli le aawa,
Jaan leva teri adaa,
Kaise na koi ho fida,

Tere ang sharara jaise mare lashkara soniye,
Dekhun to dil dhadake,
Tan maine agan bhadke,
Surat aisi mohini hai,
Laga jaise sohni hai soniye,
Chahre waala hu tera,
Dekh to le idhar zara,
Tu jo dekhe ik nazar,
Karu lakh shukar hiriye,

Dekh to kehke tu mujhe,
Jaan bhi dedunga tuhe,
Tere aise hoon deewaana,
Tune abtak ye na jaana hiriye.

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