Dj notorious And Pop queen Aiysha

I had the chance of attending the Bhangra nisght so to speak at perth australia this weekend featuring some people called Dj Notorious and pop Queen aisha i have never heard of.I did pay $ 25 to get entry into the club . And i was looking forward to it with my partner . I thought 1030 pm would be a decent wnough time to make an entry … but still found the floor empty. Well i waited for people to come in and get the whole floor packed and excited and all would have a good time but i was so dissapointed. peopel trickled in and out .. and nothing really happened.

The dj didnt know for sure where he was going .. mixing bhangra rn b and dance music just randomly… with no conecction to the beats and mood of the crowd… which pretty much killed it. Then the main dj Notorius came on the floor and we thought things might change but. was quite dissapointed.The random song playing continuedby dj Notorius.

The crowd was a bit of mix with quite a few teenagers managing to gain entry into the club suprisingly … and the odd uncle and aunty who came to move thier booty remembering thier younger years and a few who couldnt dare to come ont he floor ( which could be a bad thing or a good thing). And then the de riguer few drunk people making a ass of themselves without whom the party would be a bit much less fun i guess. Luckily no fights erupted ..which was a good thing… but then considering the small crowd ..that wasnt a probability anyway and the Djs didnt get the crowd really excited anyway.

After a while we got the dhol players which was pretty much some sort of consolation and then Some Apparently Most popular Punjabi/ Indian pop artist called Aiysha. whom i never heard of.. which i suppose is a good thing .. because none of her songs got us really rocking on the floor. She does have a Mpspace site ( aiysha ) that i did check out eventually

None the less we had to take our moneys worth so we had a few drinks and shaked a leg on the floor. watche d a few people making a fool of themselves , which is quite normal and regular .. and went home sad .. for another $ 50 that we got ripped off.

Looking forward to the masalamix that will happen Aug 10th But then again that seems to be a rip off for $35 > so i migh give it a miss

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