Double Dhammal Casino set

Double Dhamaal filmmakers have constructed a massive  replica casino for their comic sequel  to the Dhamaal series.  The movie Total Dhamaal is to be released after Double Dhamaal releases.


The jalebi bai casino

The set at Mehboob Studio in Mumbai is reported to have cost Rs1.5 Crore ( £225,000) and was used for just 12 days of filming this bollywood movie. The casino set  was built by art director Tanushree Sarkar  and got very popular  attracting numerous actors and filmmakers who would drop in to have a look around this unique casino set

The location was also used for Mallika Sherwarat’s item song ‘Jalebi Bai’ and part of the movie’s climax was filmed there.

Casino and bollywood

Even  Badmaash Company starring was filmed at the same venue where the Hollywood film starring Gerard Butler, “The Gamer” has been shot

In other recent news It has been reported that the Las Vegas Sands Corp (LVS) is in negotiations with a film producer from Bollywood to do a film shoot on location at the Venetian Casino in Macao near china , as part of one of the latest Bollywood blockbusters for a comedy reported to have a budget of US$4 million

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