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To: Webmaster

Dalip Mohun


Dear Amitabh bhai,

I hail from Allahabad where I resided on crossing of Stanley Road and
Muir Road, close to Richard Dutt’s house. I studied at B. H. S. 1954
To name some of my class mates, Shushanta Shome, Yogendra Narayan,
Rewati Raman Singh, Baljit Ahluwalia and so on. Was in Green House,
while you were in Blue House. Does that ring a bell?
For the sake of my children in 1995, I migrated to New Zealand and
have settled down In Auckland, NZ.
I have no regrets, since my two children have benefitted from the
move, although my wife and self have had to struggle due to the late
decision we took, I was 52 yrs then.
I am sorry to hear about your illness and pray that you would soon

For sometime now, I have been meaning to write to congratulate you on
your various achievements.
We subscribe to the popular Indian TV channels where I often get
glimpses of you which bring back memories of childhood. Incase you
happen to visit NZ, do let me know, as I would like to meet you.
I know that you are a very busy person, however, would appreciate to
hear from you.

With regards

Dalip Mohun

Auckland, New Zealand

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  1. To be able to do well in life, you will need two things: ignorance and self-confidence

  2. kay says:

    I doubt if AB has time to respond. Would love to hear what he says..:)

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  3. Roshan says:

    sir how r u
    my nam Roshan lal form Pakistan (Stat) Balochistan My City Name Dera Murad Jamali
    Mujhe ap se milne ka bahot shok hai

  4. Anisa Hagie says:

    Although currently an abbreviation LOL is also often abbreviated even a lot more

  5. Atishay jain says:

    nice try may u will get reply soon