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Slumdog Crorepati

Targetting movie buffs in India, social networking site MySpace has introduced its Black Curtain Screenings for India.
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slum dog millionare

Mini_Review – “sherry”-

We went to see the film ‘Slumdog millionaire’ yesterday and I came out feeling humiliated that such an ugly side of Mumbai is now exposed to the world. I was in tears as  that it was all true and that children lived and died like that and nobody really cared! I can only hope it all changes… On the bright side I think the lil boy Ayush Mahesh Khedekar who played the 7-8 year old Salim Malik did an even better job than Dev Patel (who won the golden globe awards) and he really was such a cute lil boy


Incredible India is all bloody hogwash, the rich are becoming richer and the poor continue to suffer every single day. Little children continue to beg at every street and work for a living selling flowers and assorted stuff. My heart bleeds for the poor especially the poor children, and unlike the film the end of all these lil children is they become like the older brother (part of ‘bhai’ gangs) or they become drug addicts/dealers/pimps etc. Incredible India means nothing to those poor people struggling to survive everyday. I wont be surprised if kids are still being blinded to make them earn more as beggars, we know for sure that children in orphanages were being trafficked and until recently i still saw lil kids with babies in their arms begging on the streets. It’s shameful that ‘incredible’ India is not being able to give our children the basic human rights.
I’m so so ashamed, serves us right that the world should know the reality. We really are a country where people kill each other in the name of religion, children are blinded to earn more as beggars, where children live in rubbish dumps eating whats dumped there and where poverty makes monsters out of these children, where terrorists get on a boat, get into India and terrorise and kill and hold the city to ransom for days!
As for foreign companies investing in India who benefits from it – them, they make more money + they win awards for selling our poverty in films like this. Nothing comes to India and definitely not to the poor of India!
Reality bites and how!  the first step is in acknowledging that this is reality more than the fluffy ‘incredible india’ story that the media sells us. – stephanie C

2.India is the just the same today as what it was yesterday and the day before….. no changes….

I think that is what upsets us all. All these changes in the world of which India is so much apart… But guess what NO Change in India….

And i guess this movie has made us realise that its time for a change or rather to change – Sooch

3.India is the Power house of the World now ! Do u know it now. Be it in its prowess of
ecnomical capacity with all its scams like “SATYAM Computers” & not to talk about the BOLLYWOOD. It has become the world most liked on Cinema of today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O.K. Now to tell u, as u read this, the SLUMLORD MILLIONARE film has been nominated
for OSCARS for 3 items, the best direction, the best acting & last the best composing
original & Mixing for A.R.REHMAN – napoleon john

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4 Responses to “Free "SlumDog Millionare" Movie passes for My space account holders”

  1. I went to c today again the Indian version (in Hindi) of the Slumdog Millionary which re-christened as “SLUMDOG CROREPATHY. No doubt The eminent Director Mr.Danny Boyle in his enthusiasm to showcase India in its total originality, has gone a bit extreme in showing the lil boy in the makeshift toilet of the slum closing the nose tight jumping into the down “SHIT POT” to escape from the Police, & then coming out fully covered by the excreta allover his body & rushing to the crowd to get the signature of Amitab Bachan, is rather exageration & extreme by Boyle in context to the Mumbai of today.
    Showing little children begging on the Road, or the ganglords blinding them to get more money from the streets
    or showing them as drug addicts, as shwon in the Film is O.K.
    as it is happening in reality.May b some of the above things
    happening in the big Cities of the World too today.But ofcourse this is not an excuse 4 Mumbai to be like this,as shown in the Film. I hope & Pray that in “Incredible India” & Mubai,the financial Power house of India,things will change 4 better one day. (nap)

  2. Ancita Heather says:

    11p.m that was the show we went, to see”slum dog millionaire”.I came out it was past the midnight hour the night was still, and so was i,numbed by the movie.The movie starts and I”m taken over by these unfelt emotions as it progresses. The innocence of little children robbbed,poverty forcing them to resort to all kinds of doings—We’ve seen that, but this pulls those heart strings.I remember John Lennon’s song “Imagine”…..those words so true .Imagine there’s no country, no religion too…I wunder if you can. And as a person staying in Mumbai India I’ve seen it ,read it and try hard to push it somewhere faraway at the back of my mind ..Sikhs getting massacred in Delhi, Muslims in Gujarat,Mumbai,Jews fighting the Christians. Little children orphaned in India,Afghanistan,Gaza…the list goes on.What happens later whether it is India,Afghanisthan or Timbuckto its the same story. And so goes the story of Dev aka Jamal his brother Salim and Latika. India is full of extremes a “Raju “minting money in millions through these fantastic frauds and millions of Rajus roaming the streets-to beg or steal to fill those hungry stomachs. The market of coincidences that takes place to make Jamaal win in the contest is far fetched. And so as each Question unfurls one gets to see the ugly underbelly of Mumbai,Delhi etc.The locations that the film were shot is “real” and one can really feel that as each scene progresses. Irfan Khan as the Police officer is so convincing and so is his “pandu” the assistant police. In the end Jamaal gets both–Money and Honey. And the real saga continues.

  3. London travel: In the footsteps of Slumdog Millionaire
    by Ravneet Ahluwalia. Tuesday, 27 January 2009

    You saw it in Slumdog Millionaire but is taking a tour of Asia’s biggest slum in bad taste? We went to Mumbai to find out.

    Entering Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum, is like falling down a rabbit hole into an underground world. The buildings are so close together they almost meet overhead, plunging us into semi-darkness at 11am and making it hard for our eyes to adjust and see the hive of activity taking place all around.

    The success of Slumdog ­Millionaire, Danny Boyle’s ­colourful interpretation of Mumbai poverty, has thrown light on the cracks between the ­corrugated iron shacks of Dharavi, where the film was set, and opened up the city within a city, home to 600,000 of Mumbai’s population of 14 million.

    A no-go for the well-heeled and a world away from the glamorous financial and film world of India’s largest, richest and most overcrowded city, Dharavi’s dirt and darkness stands in stark contrast as the rest of the city grows taller and cleaner around its slums. In the past two years, the authorities have cleaned up Mumbai dramatically – the mounds of rubbish that lined the streets when I last visited three years ago are now whisked away by twice-daily street sweeps.

    But in a strip of land where property prices match those in London, Manhattan and Tokyo, average earnings don’t come close. Millions of people are pushed into dirty and crowded slums – and ­increasing numbers of tourists are keen to see how.

    In the film, lead character Jamal tries to earn some extra cash by taking American tourists on an improvised slum tour. In fact, visitors have been able to visit ­Dharavi for the past three years. Reality Tours was founded by Briton Chris Way and his ­Indian business partner Krishna Pujari. The aim? To take visitors off the tourist map and show them the thriving hub that exists in one of the world’s most famous slums.

    At the start of the tour, walking down the tightly packed warrens of the residential area seems hugely invasive. Families are packed into single rooms and squeezing past the open doorways feels like walking through someone’s living room – we hear the blast of a TV, mothers scolding their children and the clatter of pots and pans being cleared away.

    But is the tour in good taste or does it just allow visitors to get their kicks before going back to their comfortable lives? Pujari insists that it’s not about gawping at the misfortune of others, but about educating the tourists. “When we started out we explained to the residents why we were doing this. People were ashamed to be from Dharavi and we wanted to show the positive side.

    “Yes, there’s no sanitation and people work in appalling conditions, but there’s a lot of energy. People work hard, they run successful businesses, they provide for their children. It’s not full of criminals – people look after each other and there’s a real sense of community.”

    Reality Tours works with non-government organisations to give 80 per cent of profits back to the slum; this year it’s funding a school for 350 children in Dharavi.

    The tour stays away from “through the keyhole” style peeks at actual homes and aims to show that, as Mumbai has grown richer, the slums have, too. Among the piles of rubbish and open sewers, Dharavi generates an annual $665m towards ­national gross domestic product and is a hive of cottage industries. Many focus on recycling and reselling goods and there’s an entire business quarter ­divided into different sections.

    Walking through, we take in Mr Khan’s soap factory, where he buys shavings of soap from manufacturers, melts them and packages them up for sale. We see ­textile mini-factories where fabric is dyed and hung out to dry, ready for export, clay pots drying in the sun, and two boys separating the ­bottle lids into different colours for recycling.

    The guides are all Mumbaikars, speak Hindi and have been conducting the tours from the start. The residents know them so it’s comfortable to ask questions, instead of feeling that you’re just there to watch. The kids are keen to chat with visitors – we talk about cricket, school and how we use similar biros, proving that six-year-olds everywhere can find ­common ground with you.

  4. Susan Sethi says:

    I want to say that I was utterly dismayed to discover that Danny Boyle and Fox Search Light used real slum kids in the movie paying them a measly 800 dollars to make the film and then returning them to the slums to live. The movie has made 130 million thus far but the main characters, the kids still live under tarps and beside open sewage. Why can’t Danny Boyle’s wife sell one of her Jimmy Choos or Louis Vuitton handbags and donate to the families to change their lives forever instead of exploiting these children worse than the gangsters they portray in the film. Come on people do the right thing. I failed to mention that they did offer to educate the kids at 50 dollars a month. Wow can they get anymore generous!???