Gandhigiri and gandhi

Gandhi My Father and Gandhigiri : Gandhi My Father must be supported

July 4th, 2007

One Important fact about Gandhi is that we don’t have to do a sting operation to find out the secret’s from the Gandhi’s life. He has written most of the things himself.

Release of Gandhi My father has been scheduled to first week of August, 2007. Many people are asking me questions about the film…..especially they are asking as I am a Gandhi follower and fan, will I support the film as it depicts the darker side of Gandhi?
This question left me unanswered… what should I tell them…?
Yes I am a Gandhi follower and I admire his principals recently termed as Gandigiri. What doing Gandigiri means to me is very different from what such people think about me and the Gandhigiri… if they think that I am the follower of the person ‘Gandhi’ then certainly they are wrong… I admire Gandhi because I think his principals and techniques were really great … and he really helped the nation to overcome many problems.

Today it may seems that Ahinsa (Non-violence) is not a solution to our contemporary problems ( I am not the supporter of this idea), but at that time what was the option before us… do we think that hungry people can fight for the freedom of nation…

But it was Gandhi who brings the idea of Non-violence and Hunger strike …..

Gandhi was the person who was capable to turn the tables …. Hunger strike was not freedom struggle thing… it was the truth of that time… but Gandhi transform that weakness to our strength…. And result is well known…. That’s why we have a saying in Hindi … Majboori ka Naam Mahatma Gandhi (If we don’t have the option, lets try Gandhi)…. Gandhi’s principals were last and only viable options at that time.

Every individual is just a person and every person has different sides of life… If people think that his son’s life was miserable due to his devotion to the nation, it may (!) be true… But that does not make me think about my devotion to his principals…because I admire the principal not the person.

One Important fact about Gandhi is that we don’t have to do a sting operation to find out the secret’s from the Gandhi’s life. He has written most of the things himself.

He has written all positive or negative things about himself in his books or writings. If Film is really well researched, as Anil Kapoor is claming then certainly film must be good.

After all I am happy that people are talking about Gandhi… Please talk, read about Gandhi, I don’t want Gandhi to be a superman of this country … I just have a dream to transform his principals and ideology to make them relevant in contemporary world, so they can be used to fight the contemporary problems. And If his principals are really not so good… so just let them be…. And stop criticizing them…

Do we criticize our mother because she can not feed us in our teen age as she was doing when we were infants?

In Sums I support the film …. And I really call peoples to talk about Gandhi… in any shade but with some solid research and facts.

Good Luck to Anil Kapoor and Feroz Abbas Khan.

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