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Hey baby review

Film: Hey Baby
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Fardeen Khan, Vidya Balan & Ritesh Deshmukh

Arush (Akshay Kumar), Ali (Fardeen Khan) & Tanmay (Ritesh Deshmukh) are three happy confirmed bachelors. The world’s their playground – and the three play the field merrily with assorted women. Till they find an eight month old baby girl on their doorstep – one of them is the father, they need to find out which one – but before they get to that…they need to get her to stop crying!
Sajid Khan’s first film as a director, Hey Baby is loud and corny – and that should come as no surprise to those used to the Sajid Khan brand of humour on display on various television shows. The gags and one liners are exactly what would appeal to adolescent boys – in your face and obvious!
Hey Baby does owe its existence to the 1987 hollywood film Three men and a baby, but is not a rip off. The film works because of the camaraderie and chemistry between the three leading men, and the first half is actually quite breezy, though after a point, the men struggling rather graphically with baby poop is a bit of a put off. Also none of the men seem to know that there is something called a paternity test, but well we will let that pass.
The second half gets bogged down by heavy duty emotion, and a rather lack luster romance involving Vidya Balan!
Of the cast Akshay Kumar who’s developed into a fine comic actor seems to be having the time of his life. Fardeen Khan and Ritesh are pretty good as well. Vidya Balan has a series of wardrobe malfunctions through the film – and should seriously look at getting another stylist! Hey baby is a boys’ film – and as the only female of consequence in the film, besides the baby – Vidya looks out of sorts!

All in all, if you are looking for predictable , time pass entertainment — you could watch Hey Baby once. The movie Hey Babyy is not copied from Three Men And A Baby, it is just inspired from it. Seriously, watch Heyy Babyy and let me know apart from the basic

Video : Hey Baby Movie Trailer

The movie Hey Babyy is not copied from Three Men And A Baby, it is just inspired from it. Seriously, watch Heyy Babyy and let me know apart from the basic

Film: Dhoka

Cast: Muzammil Ibrahim, Tulip Joshi, Aushima Sawhney, Anupam Kher & Gulshan Grover

Director: Pooja Bhatt.

Short review:An upright Muslim cop, Zaid Ahmed Khan’s(Muzammil Ibrahim) happy existence is shattered when he finds that his wife Zara(Tulip Joshi) was a suicide bomber.

An upright Muslim cop, Zaid Ahmed Khan’s (Muzammil Ibrahim) happy existence is shattered when he finds that his wife Zara (Tulip Joshi) was a suicide bomber. Zaid’s integrity in the police department comes under a cloud, even as he desperately tries to get to the truth!

This is a great premise for what could have been a thought provoking film. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, we say what could have been! Pooja Bhatt’s Dhoka is a simplistic, almost melodramatic take on a pretty complex subject. Instead of getting the empathy going, Bhatt chooses to tell her story in a preachy, soap box fashion, hammering the point in to tiring levels. There is no layering or nuance to an extremely relevant dilemma – of the contemporary Muslim in India, who deals with suspicion and bias on a daily basis. The story which is credited to Mahesh Bhatt relies on stock situations and the characters are often caricatures – be it the jehadi group or Gulshan Grover as the head of the Anti-terrorist squad!

The icing on this half baked enterprise though is Muzammil Ibrahim. This debutant actor is easy on the eye – which is but natural given that he is one of the top models in the country. But Muzammil also has a good screen presence and can efficiently hold on to a few expressions. Which is good enough for a first film, we guess! You will find the clothes horse in the man from time to time, but it is early days yet! The female co-stars be it Tulip Joshi who looks like a cute baby bollywood star(s) or Aushima Sawhney are just about ok! Tulip Joshi in fact becomes the first suicide bomber in history to blow herself to bits, but keep her face miraculously intact! Pooja Bhatt’s Dhoka has its intentions right – but it doesn’t make for a compelling film. Unfortunately, it becomes a simplistic tale of retribution – and therefore betrays its cause — which is a pity!

YouTube – Dhokha Trailer

Trailer for new movie Dhokha, releasing in August.
2 min 25 sec – Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

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Film: Chak De India

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Sagarika Ghatge, Chitrashi Rawat, Shilpa Shukla, Vidya Malavade, Tanya Abrol, Anaitha Nair, Shubhi Mehta, Seema Azmi, Nisha Nair, Sandia Furtado, Arya Menon Masochon and Zimik Kimi Laldawla

Director: Shimit Amin

Kabir Khan ( Shahrukh Khan) is the former captain of the Indian Hockey team. Seven years back, his career ends in disgrace after allegations of match fixing. Kabir has a point to prove – and he decides to coach the Indian women’s hockey team for the World Cup. The team, a rag tag bunch of girls from different states doesn’t have a hope in hell of making it past the first round. On top of it, they are a divided, politicking lot with no concept of playing for the team or the country! Enter Kabir – who has a plan and a team that doesn’t want to play to it!

Chak De India is the eternal story of the underdog coming good, and it works. It is a simply told story with characters that you like and root for. It also makes a comment on the status of hockey and the factionalism in our sport bodies – but doesn’t really go overboard preaching about it. The best thing about the film, besides Shahrukh Khan who we shall devote
some space to later…. is the cast of girls. Each of the girls be it the plain speaking pint sized Komal Chautala, the scheming senior Bindia Naik or the fiery Balbir Kaur are cast perfectly – this is a spunky, fresh cast which doesn’t get awed by the presence of Shahrukh.

Chak De India is written by Jaideep Sahni, the man who had earlier written Khosla Ka Ghosla – and his fleshed out characters are a refreshing take on regional stereotypes. The film has the production values and gloss expected of a Yashraj Films production, but director Shimit Amin still manages to give the film a homespun charm. This is a good second from the director of Ab tak Chappan.

And then of course there is Shahrukh Khan – who packs in just the right amount of restraint and understanding for the Kabir Khan persona. He doesn’t shake a leg or serenade any heroine, but as the driven coach – he is a treat to watch.

This is a different film from Yashraj Films, and it certainly is welcome. It works as a commercial entertainer and it works as a feel good film. It makes you feel good about hockey. About the country. And about Shahrukh Khan!

Chak De India – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chak De India. Movie poster for Chak De India. Directed by, Shimit Amin. Produced by, Aditya Chopra · Yash Chopra. Written by, Shimit Amin Jaideep Sahni

Chak De India video clip – RS Bollywood Online

Shah Rukh Khan with a bunch of girls in a video for Chak De India. Chak De India is coming Trailer of Riwaaz · Event Photos: Arshad Warsi releases book


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