Hostel – The Movie – A Honest review of sex Gore Depraved Adult fun In a classic Horor thriller Movie

Sex, Gore and Hostel; Decadence or Fun?

I saw Hostel today. And I’m in shock. Yeah, pure, unadulterated, old fashioned medical shock!

What? Isn’t feeling giddy with revulsion, feeling so numb that you can’t understand what hit you; wondering something but not really understanding what the hell it is that you’re wondering about… all symptoms of Shock?

Well yes, I saw Hostel today and I’m so incredibly grossed out. There never could be a more perverse, depraved and evil movie. Here’s why.

Barbara Nedeljakova , star of Lions Gate Films' Hostel

Barbara Nedeljakova, star of Lions Gate Films’ Hostel – 2006

First, the movie sort of glorifies free sex. It kinds of make kinky, easy sex sound like fun. (That’s another thing that a bad stuff happens to the guys in the movie who are so lured by fables of free-easy sex that they don’t mind traveling to an unknown, unheard deserted Gothic-like town where there’s one Hostel (boarding house) that sells respite to man’s most primal and most lusted desire. Sex, what else?

Second, the movie gives art a bad name. After all, what is a movie, by common standards? A medium of entertainment and an expression of art, right? Now there will be some who will thump their chests in put on (Oh so put on!) angst and call out for retribution. They will say that there is no longer freedom of expression. They will say that people like me are like termites that feed on the supple, raw flesh of what is most native art. Well I’ll say, Dude lets cut the crap!

Tell me, if I were to present before you a canvas, with shades of red and crimson thrown about it like open wounds/gashes that spewed bile like pale yellow; with a huge round gaping hole (all blue, black and purple) from where a human being’s entrails hang out like they’ve been ripped out by a H-Bomb; peeled off gray skin hangs about the periphery of the hole in sometimes light, sometimes dark shades of gray….

And I say, watch this, it’s my latest bout of creativity. This is my art. Ain’t I an artist?

Well if you wouldn’t look away with revulsion and if you wouldn’t feel choked on the bile that churns up your food pipe; well, I guess, in that case you need to see a Shrink, and more so for the sake of public safety than your own!

Damn! Why has perversion become so in? I mean, it feels like depravity is in fashion and in demand. Hostel made me feel so.

Last I remember I was making a moan here on Sulekha about what a disgusting movie Saw 1 and 2 were. That it was shame people made movies filled with so much reprobate violence and gore. Oh boy! I didn’t yet know that a certain Hostel was still sitting in a shelf in the CD vallah’s shop. And to think of it, two gentlemen here on Sulekha itself were having a discourse about ‘How Hostel is better than Saw’ on the comment section of the above blog!!!

I mean… just how?

Hostel wallpaper

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1600 x 1200 (110kb)

Now Saw still had an iota of sense behind it. (Though I still tremble at calling that madness ‘sense’) It was, in the wider sense of the word, about Retribution. There, this mentally deranged gentleman, who’s quite versatile, I must say, goes on a crusade to punish people who crib about life, don’t enjoy life, make moan about how pathetic their life is, do drugs and devalue life, try their hand at adultery and grievously insult live, so on and so forth. So this person kidnaps them and then puts them in of his merciless situations from hell… and gives them a choice… come out of the shit I’ve put you in, neck deep, and you get a chance to live… learn that life’s to be treasured, and live… WOW… imagine if you were to scourge for a key to a machine plonked on your face, which if it wasn’t opened in a record time of few minutes, would rip your goddamned mouth apart… now that’s another thing that to search that key first you’ve gotta kill your immobilized boyfriend (some rare spider sting has been used on him and his mind’s working just fine, not the body), then you’ve gotta rip open his abdomen and search for the key, amidst his tangled intestines… phew.

Well, the girl manages to do all this is and is rightfully rewarded second innings to life… (Psstt… that’s another thing that she goes to become the heir to throne of the saw man (woman) in saw 2)

Hostel, well it something else… yea right…

This movie is about three kids (one’s a grown up man, father of a little girl for cryin’ out loud) backpacking across Europe. Now they meet up and they have just one agenda in life. Get screwed, and fast. (WOW, only if they knew what a bad, but true pun this was gonna turn out for them). They’re looking for free, kinky, easy… yada yada yada. They’re a debauched, bacchanal threesome who are looking for an orgy of pleasure. Well, too bad, their lust drives them to some remote, gothic-ghostly looking town in ‘Slovakia where there is this ‘famed’ hostel.

Then what? What else? They start getting killed one by one and the one who survives, (nea, he ain’t smart, just plain lucky) finds out that there is this one huge sinister business going on in the heart of this town. Now buckle up cause this is gonna be hard to swallow, but imagine some firangi’s burst of creativity that he could think up something like this… (I wouldn’t want to be left alone in a room with a man who could think up such stories!)

This business was a kind of vitiate, evil ‘Slaughter House’ where you could get a person of nationality you wished, butchered, maimed, burnt, eviscerated, disemboweled, tortured… killed… put on the rack… skinned… drilled (yea, with your conventional drilling machine…) etc etc etc… and yeah… there are fingers being slicked, killed corpses being chopped, eyes being burnt with a poking rod, with bile spurting out from the mass of burnt something what once used to be a beautiful oriental eye…. Yes, Sir, pay up big bucks and satisfy all your gory, gruesome, monstrous desires in this hell hole… deep in the heart of Europe… and the bait is… Sex Sex and a little more, a lot more… Sex…

I know, sucks big time. And the goriest part is that little is left to imagination… It’s all goddamned there on the screen; chopped fingers, hanging entrails, oozing bile and all… Ya know after half and hour of this bloodied orgy, my senses got so numb that it just didn’t make any difference.

Is that how people get used to evil? Is that how their senses get numbed to desecration of human f
lesh and bone…Is that how people learn to become molesters, perverts, serial murders… And what about those who can ‘conceptualize’ such ideas and then brazenly brand them as art… When did gore become art and when did we start enjoying it?

Maybe since the time sexual deviation became the order of the day. That’s all I can think of. Ya see I am no Freud but then I can see a certain sexual connotation to all these wild and depraved acts. I mean ninety percent cases of child abuse themselves grown in molesters than being haters of Pedophilia. Sexual deviation I think is the root cause of all perversions that are slowly seeping into the mainframe of human psychology. After all, man is a sexual animal!

I really have nothing against homosexuals. I wish them peace if nothing else. But, homosexuality is still a deviation for me; a form of curable (?) psychosis. So is sadism, masochism, fetish, etc etc. Hell people who have weird perverse sexual fantasies; even if they are straight, don’t seem normal to me…

These are all forms of deviancies; these are all perversions. And we’re so susceptible to them. I mean you’ll freak out but my little sis, (another thing that she’s not so little anymore) considers it in to quote being ‘Bi-sexual’ as her sexual preference on My Space (something like orkut) and hell… she’s as straight as an arrow… I know

Yet, it’s a fad and they think they’re being cool when they call themselves bi and when they slit their tongues and when they pierce their bellies and get monstrous looking demons painted on their butts and call them tattoos

Oh Yea, real class was never so base. Real class, now that’s something else. And this jing bang of monkeys and perverse minds will never know that.

And real Art is something else too. It’s never about gore and bloodied chopped fingers. It’s something else.

Wish they understood this. Do you?

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