Is jail Sexual scenes to bold for India ?

After blurring Neil Nitin Mukesh’s frontal nude scene in Jail, Madhur Bhandarkar has now chopped the masturbation scene, well almost.

This movie has explicit Gay  And Homosexual references

jail- movie poster

Neil justifies the behavior of his character by saying, "My nude or masturbation scenes are not for titillation. It’s a very practical need in the script. My character is in Jail without sex for more than two years. What does he do? He naturally seeks pleasure by himself.

Masturbation scene

Tells Neil, "This sequence was shot with 450 other actors present on the set. Frankly, if it was any other director, I’d have said no. But knowing the way Madhur depicts explicit sexual scenes, I said yes.


In the scene that we shot, my character fantasizes about his girlfriend and gets his gratification. But honestly, after Madhur and I shot it, we found we had gone too far. It was too explicit. It was just not going with Indian aesthetics. So we decided to knock it off quite a bit by mutual consent.

Neil Nitin mukesh in jail

We just wondered if the flow of the narration would be hampered."

That’s not only sexually explicit sequence Neil has participated in for Jail. "In one sequence, I go in the night to the bath and see one boy performing oral sex on another. I interrupt them and one of them says, ‘You had to come and spoil the fun!’ While we agreed to remove dialogue the scene of oral sex remains."

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  7. Yes, jail is Sexual scenes to bold for India.