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Movie: Jab We Met

Cast: Kareena Kapoor (Geet), Shahid Kapur (Aditya Kashyap)

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Melodrama, villains, brawls and bawls are few elements, which a Bollywood film cannot really do without. But what happens when these elements go missing?

It creates a fun-filled cine-delight. And that’s what Imtiaz Ali has done with Jab We Met.

Aditya Kashyap is Imtiaz’s tragedy king. His father passes away. He takes over as the unsuccessful heir. And his girlfriend too, decides to marry someone else. Depressed and dejected, Aditya aimlessly boards a train and bumps into Geet. Only to get more dismayed by her non-stop chit-chat.

Memorable scenes in the movie are the song in sikkim ,
ladakh or someplace where all the local dancers are dancing in the song
and they really seem to be enjoying themselves also the dialogue repeated
3 times in the movie was quite funny ” ladki Kulli tijori ki jais hotha
hai ” ( Translation – A girl is like an open lock – you never know who will have
or find the key )

He decides to get off the train to get some peace of mind. But Geet ain’t one of those who would give up. She decides to get him back but ends up missing her train and the onus falls on Aditya, who decides to accompany her till she safely reaches her place in Bhatinda.

And the journey turns out to be memorable. Geet and Aditya hit-off immediately. While Geet is bubbly and always on her feet, Aditya is the calm and composed character.

But hold on. There’s a twist. Geet is truly-madly-deeply in love with Anshuman and aware of her family’s disapproval, she has her plans well-placed. She would run away!

And guess who runs away with her… Aditya! While Geet takes the road to Anshuman’s heart, it’s time for Aditya to go home and manage his father’s establishment. And thanks to Geet’s infectious lively attitude, Aditya knows exactly how to work things out for himself.

And for Geet… a happily-ever-after story? Nops. Anshuman refuses to accept her and Geet is unheard of for nine month…

The film is charming indeed. It smoothly makes way into the heart and what’s most delightful is the Kareena-Shahid chemistry. They may have shared screen space earlier but this is a different bond altogether.

Individually too, the duo dazzle. Kareena has easily slipped into the role. Her dialogues are well-timed, she has looked lovely and don’t be too surprised if her chirpy chit-chat infects you too! The lady has outdone all her performances and is a complete treat to look forward too.

Shahid too is not far behind. He has carried the serious look with grace. Not to mention he has looked smashing too. There is no questioning his acting skills either. He has pulled his act with ease and style.

But the man who deserves the real applaud is Imtiaz himself. For bringing out the best of Kareena and Shahid. For showcasing their unseen spark. For the astounding screenplay. For the swift yet smooth flow of the story. And for the perfect narration. He deserves an ‘A’ for every act of his.

Going by Bollywood norms, there may be times when you expect ‘OK, now it’ll slog’. But Imtiaz surprises you by moving on immediately. And it’s because of this brisk pace that he has managed to pack punches with the right impact.

The dialogues add the real flavour to the film. Short, smart and witty. They hold the real feel of the moments and give the right momentum to the script.

There may be no path-breaking plots or never-before-seen sort of acts, but the beauty of Jab We Met lies in the fact that the simplest of the scenes are a bliss.

Cinematography by S Natarajan Subramaniam is excellent.

The music flows aptly with the tune of the film and choreography by Saroj Khan and Ahmed Khan is extremely fluid and enchanting.

Jab We Met is a wonderful weekend bonanza and should not be missed for any reason. Especially because, it’s been ages since out B-town residents have churned out such a delicious delight.

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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. singh says:

    Jab We Met is typical Bollywood romantic film : 5-6 songs poured in , designer clothes, one

    big Punjabi family, boy – girl have fights then live happily ever after. On the story front, Jab

    We Met is as predictable as it gets.Now it’s up to the actors to lift this film up. Shahid

    Kapur gets into the skin of his character perfectly and does a commendable job
    Please Visit For More Detail

  3. Junaid says:

    i like this movie and the song. it was good.