Jimmy (drama)

Cast: Mimoh, Pooja Singh, Zulfi Syed

Direction: Raj N Sippy

NOW this one’s hardly a dream launch for a star son. The story is outdated, the direction is tardy, the performances sloppy and the film yawn-inducing. Sad, but it seems there was no one to counsel the young Mimoh, before he took his plunge in big bad Bollywood. Kyunki, today, it takes much more than a dance, a fight sequence and a wailing mother to please the viewer. The film doesn’t even seem to have a stylist, going by the tacky look of the lead players who deserved a better tashan.
Mimoh is the ’70s Majboor who is mistakenly told he doesn’t have long to live. So he gambles away his short life in order to pay off his dead dad’s debts, only to realise picture abhi baaki hai, bhai! So what does he do? Puffs out his cheeks some more and goes after the goons who have tried to put him in. In between, he sings ‘toffee’ songs with a titli whom everybody wants to marry. Don’t know why ‘coz the damsel has nothing much to die for. At least not her sartorial sense.
No, this Jimmy is hardly a chip off the old block, although he desperately tries the moonwalk that dad Mithun made famous as Bollywood’s quintessential Disco Dancer.

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