Khuda ke Liye is the first Pakistani film to be officially released in India after many decades. The film is about the life of Muslims after the 9/11 fiascos. The film is slated to release by the end of March. Director Shoaib Mansoor is confident that the Urdu film will hook the audiences in Hindu Majority India when it will hit the theatres here.

There has always been an impression that Pakistani film industry churns out the most pathetic films ever on the face of this earth and I can`t blame anyone who thinks so. It has been years since the Pakistani film industry has managed to produce even a single decent movie (let alone a good one). However, things now seem to change with the arrival of a Pakistani movie called “Khuda Ke Liye: In the Name of God”. This is the most big budget movie ever in the history of the Pakistani film industry and is a movie of international standards and quality, which consists of an excellent plot,excellent performances,great music and great camerawork.

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Khuda Kay Liye (Urdu: خدا کے لیے, translation: For God’s Sake) is a Pakistani Urdu-language movie directed by Shoaib Mansoor. Iman Ali makes her cinematic debut with this film, playing an Anglo Pakistani. Shaan’s wife is played by Austin Sayre. The young music prodigies, Ahmed Jahanzeb and Shuja Haider produced the film’s soundtrack. The meaning of Urdu words “Khuda Key Liye” in English is wrongly translated for this movie. It should be “For God’s Sake” while the movie shows it as “In the name of God” which in Urdu translates to “Khuda Kay Naam Pay”.

Khuda Ke liye is the rift between radical and liberal Islamists, which is not new to India, as the countries strong 140 million Muslim population fights the allegation every day that they are responsible for providing recruits and terrorists for militant groups.The film stars Pakistan`s top film actor, Shan, Pakistan`s No.1 model Iman Ali along with Fawad Khan, Austin Sayre, Rasheed Naz, Simi Raheal and (in a guest appearance) Naseerudin Shah.

Director Shoaib Mansoor said to the media, “It is the first Pakistani film (in India) after several decades so people should have a natural interest in it.”

“India has a very big Muslim population which should naturally be interested. And the non-Muslims (would want) to know what real Islam is.”

‘Khuda Kay Liye’ churns together three stories — of a pop singer who comes under the influence of Islamic extremists, a Briton of Pakistani origin who is forcibly married to her cousin and a man illegally detained in the US after the September, 11 attacks.

International Release Dates

  • October 25, 2007 (UAE)

  • November 2, 2007 (UK)

  • November 21, 2007 (USA)

  • March 28, 2008 (India)

The film also has Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah in a cameo, he is a Muslim scholar who clarifies the motives of Islam during a court case.

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The film was a huge success in Pakistan. The film also received a standing ovation at the International Film Festival of India last year is planned to premiere across New Delhi and Mumbai.

Says Mehreen Jabbar director of Ramchand Pakistani, “After many years, ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ saw packed theatres in Pakistan. It got people talking about the revival of cinema (in Pakistan) and opened doors to other filmmakers to start thinking again about the possibility of making quality feature films. “

Bollywood movies have been huge hit in Pakistan, lets see how Khuda ke Liye fares and attracts audience in India.

The dialogues of the movie are excellent and have a great impact on the audiences. For example the dialogue ‘deen main darhi hai,darhi main deen nahin’ (‘having beard is in the religion, the religion is not in beard’) and there are also some funny one liners such as ‘Maybe Osama Bin Laden is gay and he likes me’. The dialogues in Naseerudin Shah`s speech in the courtroom are such that they make you sit up and think. The film tries to answer some of the most important questions which every Muslim wants to ask; questions which interfere with the daily lives of millions of Muslims such as; is music har*am? Is it necessary to have a beard? Is it a sin to wear jeans,etc.? Is it sinful for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man? Does Islam encourage terrorism? The film answers these questions in such a convincing manner that you can`t help but agree with everything. The music of the movie is also really nice and my favourite songs are ‘Bandya’ and ‘Allah Hoo’.


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