Mick St. Clairs – Loud ‘N’ Proud

Saint Records United Kingdom proudly presents ‘Loud ‘N’ Proud’, by their executive producer Mick St. Clairs, who mixes a mixture of Asian and English music. This 18 track album features Artistes such as Lehmber Hussainpuri, Sabar Koti, H S Talwar and Manjit Rupowalia, along with up and coming Artistes such as Rai Kalsi, Raju Mahi, Kulwinder Laddu, Rampal RalhRuby, making their debut.

01. Aakh Mastani – Manjit Rupowalia
02. Nachan Lag Pae – Lehmber Hussainpuri
03. Mundiyan Ne (Club Mix) – H S Talwar
04. Dakka – Sabar Koti
05. Maar Maar Ke – Rai Kalsi
06. Roop Majajan Da – Rampal Ralh
07. Mundiyan Ne (Trad Mix) – H S Talwar
08. Maggha Marke – Rai Kalsi
09. Duniyan – Raju Mahi
10. Guddi – Ruby
11. Roj Namaste – Kulwinder Laddu
12. Akhiyan De Hanju – Raju Mahi
13. Janam Din (Birthday) – Various
14. Dakka (Instrumental)
15. Mundiyan Ne (Club Mix Instrumental)
16. Nachan Lag Pae (Instrumental)
17. Aakh Mastani (Instrumental)
18. Mundiyan Ne (Trad Mix Instrumental)

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