Model Carol Gracias’s Slipping Bustier , Latest MMS Hit

Model Carol Gracias’s Bust revealed in slip up In lakme fashion show

MMS controversy in India seems to be in vogue. After a number of celebrities and school scandals like the R K puram school fiasco .. many people are becoming target of the electronic brouhaha, it is now the Lakme Fashion Week boo-boo that is now the subject of an MMS clip.
During a ramp show Model Carol Gracias’s dress fell off at the Lakme Fashion Week and hours later she could be seen on throughout India, not on television sets, but on mobile phones as MMS clips.
Carol wardrobe blip was wedged on still as well as video cameras, which has given vent to ire in whole model fraternity. She was modelling for designer Bennu Sehgal on wardrobe malfunctioning day.

In India, with the conservative mindset people are tantalized and grappled by even the slightest dash of sexuality. This time, top fashions show even past the worst,was spiced up for slipping, sashay bustier and busted zippers on the catwalk.
I think even TV channels repeatedly airing the footage and newspapers flooded with pictures, are not even right on their part to show and discuss it persistently, just for sake of increasing their TRP’s. They are even doing the same work as of MMS clips, but with a tag of blurred outlook.

This entire halo baloos fashioned by media and we as audience, shows we Indians have not matured yet , had this happened somewhere else in the world it wouldnt be such a big issue.

check out the video here

Whats remarkable is after it happened Ms. Gracias still had all her grace with her.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    oh no not again

  2. Ich stimme mit dem, was du gesagt hast in der Post. Von Ihrer Kommentare, die ich die meisten Leute wie Ihr Post wissen, macht es die Menschen glücklich, Ihren Beitrag kann wirklich glücklich machen, werde ich zurück kommen, um dich zu sehen! Just keep it up!