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As one of the most creative forces in Asian Underground, Munda In Da Hood brings “Korrupted Soundz”, an Underground Mixtape featuring bass bangin’ tracks and bootlegs. This album is loaded with 16 tracks and features artists like Lehmber Hussainpuri, Kuldip Manak, Malkit Singh, Balwinder Safri, Harjeet Harman and many more…

The original artists featuring in this album have brought Bhangra into the mainstream. It has a variety of different kinds of tunes, old and new, which have originally been mastered on the decks and brought in line with the fast changing music scene of today.

Its a taste of new and fresh bhangra, and a mix of the the old with the new. The lyrics carry an in depth meaning but so does the beat, the music, the melody which brings to life the essence of the music.

Anyone who likes Bhangra and Hip Hop will like this album. Tracks that deserve to be on my top list are ‘Tu Hoor Sohniye’, ‘Yaad’, ‘Mukho Satnam Bolda’, ‘Dhol Jageero Da’.


01 – Kaawan-Bikram Singh (Southern Smoke Refix)
02 – Kharka Dharka Ft. Lil Scrappy
03 – Lehmber Da B-Boy (Putt Jattan Da)
04 – Mitran De Nal A.M. To P.M. Ft. Cassidy
05 – Rabba Yaar Mila De Ft. Naseebo Lal
06 – Lil Bit Nachan Lag Payi (Lehmber Hussainpuri)
07 – Yaad Ft. Malkit Singh (One Blood Refix)
08 – Chalakian (Lehmber Hussainpuri) Ft. LL Cool J
09 – Tu Hoor Sohniye (Balwinder Safri) Ft. Missy Elliot
10 – Dil Vaarda (Beat Break Relick)
11 – Dhol Jageero Da Ft. Chingy
12 – Yaadan (Harjeet Harman Ft. Nelly)
13 – Mukho Satnam Bolda (Tribute to Bhai Mati Das Ji)
14 – Jeona Morh (Kuldip Manak) Ft. Black Eyed Peas
15 – D.C. Salute (Lehmber Hussainpuri) Ft. 50 Cent
16 – Aaja Nee Aaja (Amar Arshi) Ft. Easy E.

All these tracks are simply for promotional use only for release on the internet for free distribution and and none of the tracks may be sold in any way or form.

Some PROMOS are uploaded here and are available for download :::

Munda In Da Hood – Tu Hoor Sohniye Ft. Missy Elliot – PROMO

Munda In Da Hood – Kaawan-Bikram Singh (Southern Smoke Refix) – PROMO

Munda In Da Hood – Mitran De Nal A.M. To P.M. Ft. Cassidy – PROMO

Munda In Da Hood – Dhol Jageero Da Ft. Chingy – PROMO

Alternate Download Link: Click Here For Direct Download .rar Link

Munda In Da Hood

*Full Album is set to release on 31/03/07

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