Munnabhai 3

Yesterday I managed to finally see ‘Lage raho Munnabhai’ and thoroughly enjoyed it. Among other things I found funny was this shot in which Munna is all love-struck after seeing Jhanvi and describing her to Circuit talking about the lovely lock of hair that falls on her face and asks him ‘usko kya bolte hai woh baal jo chehra pe aati hai’ and Circuit says ‘shendi??’….

(It turns out to be latt… and I found the vinamr part too quite funny…)

Total time-pass…  oh and the film also had  Goa church in a few shots of people playing football on the ground in front of it…

Can’t wait to see M3 which I guess may have to wait until sanjay is  back in action

Sanjay Dutt gets married + photo album

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