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Raqeeb – Raqeeb is a musical thriller – a roller coaster ride that hurtles from one twist to the next at breakneck speed. The story has many themes that are so different and yet so closely linked that they overlap each other. These themes are like shadows where the viewer is never quite sure where one shadow ends and the next begins. Seduction leads to love, love becomes betrayal, betrayal is motivated by passion, passion leads to obsession and to crime, and this crime reveals another betrayal which again is motivated by love.

Movie Preview : Raqeeb – rivals in Love

The protagonist, Remo Mathews, is a computer whiz kid and the owner of a highly successful software company. Remo’s parents had died in a car crash when he was still a child. Siddharth is his employee and probably, only friend. Sidharth is the extroverted playboy, and is the exact opposite of Remo who is shy, introverted and asthmatic. Sidharth constantly pesters Remo to socialize so that he can meet a few girls and fall in love with one of them. Remo seems to be averse to the whole idea until, one day Sidharth plays a prank and sets Remo up for a blind date.

Remo meets the girl and after the initial hilarious misunderstanding falls in love with her. The girl is Sofie, a theatre actress who is high on life. Love blossoms and all is going smoothly until Remo and Sofie discover that her parents died in the same car crash in which Remo’s parents had been killed. Sofie realizes that Remo’s parents were responsible for the death of her parents. Remo doesn’t know how to deal with this tragic discovery. Sidharth persuades him to propose to Sofie. Remo proposes and after the initial hesitation, Sofie accepts. Remo and Sofie get married. Thereafter, the story takes an unexpected twist with the introduction of Sunny.

Sunny is a struggling actor who was in love with Sofie. But Sofie had always wanted a luxurious life which Sunny was unable to provide. Hence, Sofie married Remo. When they meet again, the old love is rekindled. Thus begins a torrid affair between them. Finally, tired of having to meet secretly and only occasionally, they plan to kill Remo. The plan is to hide Remo’s asthma medicine and then aggravate his asthma so as to trigger an asthma attack. Once the asthma attack occurs, Sunny has to pretend to shoot Remo with fake bullets so as to aggravate his condition further eventually leading to death. The post mortem will reveal that Remo died of natural causes and hence, no one will be suspected of any foul play.

The D-day arrives and Sunny comes to Remo’s house to execute the plan. But there is another twist in the tale. Sofie double crosses Sunny as well and he is arrested and accused of Remo’s murder.

Why does Sofie double cross Sunny?

Is there more to her than what meets the eye?

Does she really love anyone?

Does Sidharth find out the truth about Sofie?

Is Sunny able to clear his name?

And…is Remo really dead or has he pulled off a Houdini act?

All these questions are answered as the story breathlessly races to its nail biting, chilling climax!

Namastey London

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Comedy, Romance

Vipul Shah

Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Upen Patel, Rishi Kapoor, Javed Sheikh

Himesh Reshammiya

Javed Akhtar

We saw it in Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. And we see it in Namastey London too. Yes, there’s a certain chemistry between Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif which lends their onscreen romance a redolence which makes even an ordinary romantic film above average. Maybe, it’s their traditional image of Akshay as the retrosexual male (read Punjabi munda) and Katrina as the Xtreme Feminine which strikes a crackling contrast and imbues the wooing game with fireworks.
Whatever! But they look good together and give you a paisa vasool pyar-mohabbat story. Especially here, where brawny Akshay plays the perfect ‘Jat yamla pagla deewana’ to brattish Jasmeet, all the way from the backwaters of Punjab to good ole Blighty.
Vipul Shah’s celebration of this sarson ka saag versus sauce and finger chips potpourri is essentially a fun film which pitches the Purab Paschim metaphor in muted tones. Troubled by his daughter’s wild and videshi ways, dad Rishi Kapoor bundles her off from London to Punjab to find a suitable desi boy for her. And before she can register her protest, he gets her married off to the perfect Punjabi boy who, like all perfect Punjabi boys, drinks milk straight from the udder. But our gal’s quite a shrew and has an ace up her sleeve. She promises her bhola-bhala groom a suhaag raat only in London and brings him to foreign shores to declare he’s the persona non grata in her life. She’s going to wed the gora who woos her with vintage wine on a yatch. So what does our never-say-die Indian do? Gives all the goras a tutorial on India and makes everyone realise: East or West, Bharat is best!
Pulp patriotism, popcorn romance, adept performances (specially by Rishi Kapoor), pulsating music (Javed Akhtar-Himesh Reshammiya) and a refreshing lead pair (Akshay-Katrina in great form): Namastey London is a safe bet, despite the World Cup fervour.

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EK chalis ki Last local

Opening with Abhay Deol’s narration of the punch line ”Wo Kehte Hain Na, Jo Hota Hai Acche Ke Liye Hota Hai…Galat Kehte Hain“, the number ‘Laree Choote‘ has the sound of chugging away of a train in the background. From this point on the theme music begins that has Xulfi of Call The Band writing and rendering the number.

Revolving around how life changes its course with situations and circumstances, ‘Laree Choote‘ is a well orchestrated number with guitar as an instrument which is a steady companion and also a female voice in the background (why hasn’t she being credited?). A promotional track that has a rock base to it while giving an experience of a new sound, it moves at a decent pace without letting the music take over the essence of the song. DJ Suketu and Aks come up with a ‘remix version‘ at the end of the album which is obviously fast paced and has that zing effect in it which makes it a good club/dance floor track.

Crooned mainly by Alisha Chinai with Sandesh Shandilya chipping in with a husky tone to croon the title lyrics ‘Ekka Chauka Satta Aththa‘, the number has a haunting appeal to it with a good situational feel to go with the dark comedy mood of the film. Later in the album comes the ‘Title version’ by composer Tknow Frankcorsi which is only slightly different with arrangements being touched upon without any change in the mood and essence of the overall flow/tune of the song.
Ankur Tewari comes with an all-around show with ‘Bheegi Seeli Si‘ which is written, composed and sung by him. First romantic number of the album that has a jazz and pop feel to it [with arrangement by Ranjit Barot], ‘Bheegi‘ is about this guy who is thinking about this pretty girl who is walking besides him on a beautiful night. For the lovers of Indi-pop music, this one is a must hear, as Ankur doesn’t aim at doing anything out of the box but follows a genre that works well with the youth. If promoted well, this could be a good song to catch up for the campus festivals and works.

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local‘ was never meant to be a musical and it isn’t either with the kind of numbers it has in the offering. Though ‘Akh‘ is a downer with ‘Panga‘ being hardly the number one may want to hum around, theme track ‘Laree Choote‘ followed by a new sound in ‘Ekka Chauka‘ makes you give these number additional hearings

Music Review : Life in a… MetroIndiafm
Ever since the film Metro [now rechristened Life In A…Metro] was conceptualized, it has been in news for multiple reasons. a) It comes in the wake of Anurag Basu’s critically and commercially acclaimed film Gangster

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  • NAmastey London Download Links On net

    One Link Download :-


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    01. (00:03:53) Namastey London – Chakna Chakna (remix)

    02. (00:05:46) Namastey London – Chakna Chakna

    03. (00:05:12) Namastey London – Dilruba (remix)

    04. (00:05:44) Namastey London – Viraaniya

    05. (00:05:10) Namastey London – Main Jahaan Rahoon (remix)

    06. (00:06:23) Namastey London – Main Jahaan Rahoon

    07. (00:04:41) Namastey London – Yahi Hota Pyaar (remix

    08. (00:06:24) Namastey London – Yahi Hota Pyaar

    09. (00:04:58) Namastey London – Aanan Faanan (remix)

    10. (00:04:43) Namastey London – Rafta Rafta

    11. (00:06:03) Namastey London – Annan Faanan

    12. (00:07:07) Namastey London – Main Jahaan Rahoon (mehfil mix)

    13. (00:05:31) Namastey London – Dilruba

    14. (00:06:37) Namastey London – Yahi Hota Pyaar (mehfil mix)

    15. (00:06:36) Namastey London – Viraaniya (mehfil mix)

    16. (00:04:23) Namastey London – Viraaniya (remix)

    17. (00:07:19) Namastey London – Aanan Faanan (mehfil mix)

    18. (00:03:47) Namastey London – Rafta Rafta (remix)

    Ek Chalis Ki Last Local – Download links on net

    Album Tracklist
    01 Akh (Dance Version) Anoushka
    02 Akh (Film Version) Rashmi
    03 Bheegi Bheegi Si Ankur
    04 Ekka Chuaka Alisha Chinai , Sandesh Shandilya
    05 Ekka Chuaka (Title Version) Alisha Chinai , Sandesh Shandilya
    06 Laree Choote Xulfi (Call – The Band)
    07 Laree Choote (Remix by DJ Suketu & Aks) Xulfi (Call – The Band)
    08 Panga Alisha Chinai , Sonu Nigam


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