Password for shemaroo kids Ali baba

In case you forgot your password for the  ali baba cave it is revealed in the shemaroo kids channel , kids Video “ALI BABA  and the 40 thieves” or challis chor.

ali baba password

Ali did not have his morning cereal and so had a weak memory and forgot the password , in fact he forgot to go to school and  instead was trying to get into the cave, luckily youtube recorded ali while he was saying this password  and  therefore ali was able to login into youtube  and remember the password. Ali  was not a cheater  but a smart opportunist, who finally gained access to the cave full of jewels  by remembering the password.

The “password for ali baba’s cave” was “COOL JA SIM SIM”

Alibaba : Ali Cracks The Password – Bollywood Animated Drama

Enjoy this drama scene from the animated movie Alibaba. For Daily Updates & Fun Stuff

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  1. thanks for share the youtube video