Rang De Basanti at the Oscars!

Every so often Bollywood produces a rare gem like Rang De Basanti, a UTV Production that breaks the mould by offering something more sophisticated than the standard musical melodrama. Successfully weaving historical facts with contemporary themes, thanks to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s direction that Rang De Basanti’s absorbing plot, which flits smoothly from past to present, has marched successfully to be India’s official entry for the Oscars this year.

This would also be Aamir Khan’s second film to make it to the Oscars after Lagaan. Earning top points is the strong performances from the ensemble cast that impress foremost, all of whom are totally convincing as disillusioned youngsters learning the importance of personal sacrifice. Accomplished and universally appealing, Rang De Basanti has provided India with another hope to win the Oscar. Now let’s hope RDB colors the academy with saffron.

8 Responses to “Rang De Basanti at the Oscars!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    rocking movie! absolutely deserved to go to the oscars. way to go Aamir Khan!

  2. MisteaQ says:

    I liked the movie ..but dont think its a good enough movie to win the oscars… But hey .it has a great soundtrack ..So good luck

  3. khiladi says:

    I disagree, this movie was awesome. I suppose you have to be a bit patriotic to enjoy it even more. The movie had a excellent message & not suprisingly the movie is such a rage in India. The first Super Hit of the year! Aamir Khan was fab as always and so was was the rest of the cast. RDB has a very good chance at the Oscars….

  4. Anonymous says:

    mistake…i mean misteaq…shut up!

  5. X says:

    Yeah it is gud movie, but at a C grade movie level when it comes to Amercian, European or even Iranian movies. It wont even make it to the final list unless someone pays the judges some money, but again such things happen in India not in AMerica.

  6. Yuknowme says:

    haha you are afunny guy X

  7. greatguy says:

    great movie, I can’t believe it passed the stupid censor board in India when it was released, because it shows how the Indian government idiots are buying Mig’s from Russia with top money and getting pieces of junk machinary. Great movie and greatly done, Deserve an Oscar.