Rocky The rebel !!

Rocky [Zayed Khan], the rebel, hates anything and everything that is wrong… the system… the people, who take things lying down without raising a finger… Rocky cannot accept the indifference towards injustice and the rebel in him revolts. This attitude creates irreconcilable differences between him and his father and their relationship is fraught with friction.Though his father loves his son, he emphatically disagrees with Rocky’s philosophy of life and advises him not to invite trouble unnecessarily by interfering in matters that doesn’t concern him, as this could put his life in grave danger. But the defiant Rocky feels, the irresponsible attitude of people is destroying the social fabric of the country. The family manages to still laugh it off until one day Rocky gets into ‘shark infested waters’ — Anthony [Rajat Bedi].Rocky’s world is shattered when his beloved [Isha Sharvani] is killed right in front of his eyes. He is blamed for everything. His parents take him to London. But the truth is, you cannot run from reality forever. And Rocky returns to avenge the death.It’s difficult to find anything novel in ROCKY. You’ve seen it a zillion times before. In fact, amidst the modern packaging lies an outdated script and an equally outdated execution. This is all the more surprising since director Suresh Krissna has helmed several interesting projects in Hindi and regional films.

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    They look like goondas