Salman Khan’s pet dog Myjaan in Hospital

Salman drove down with Myjaan to the hospital as late as 10.30 pm. But the dog’s condition was so critical that the hospital doctors advised him to admit his pet immediately.

salman khan and dog

Everyone knows how much Salman Khan loves his pets. After Myson’s death earlier this year, Salman Khan’s other pet dog Myjaan took seriously ill last Sunday. Myjaan’s condition became so bad that Salman’s vet advised him to take her to the SPCA Hospital in Parel.

salman khans dog

Lt Col (Dr) J C Khanna confirms, "It’s true that Salman Khan’s dog Myjaan was admitted by the actor on Sunday night. He adores Myjaan and was extremely anxious about her.

The next day, when he returned in the morning, he went through the wards. This was his first visit to SPCA and he was quite happy with the facilities. Myjaan is still undergoing treatment. When she was admitted, she was seriously sick and was given a separate room.

salman-khan- doggie

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