Sona Family Presents – Ek glassy

Sona Family Presents – Ek glassy

This single ( ek Glassy ) is absolutely fantastic and im sure this group Sona family is gonna kick some ass with thier New Tunes. This tune is pretty catchy and it sounds a bit similar to the new Justin timberlake single Sexy back. This video characterises the club culture pretty well in its lyrics ek glassy do glassy 3 glassy.. Anyone who have gone to a club will relate with that .. it doent take long to go from one glass to 4th or 5th glass of beer. There is also the puking scene in the background which everybody does atleast once or maybe twice or maybe more if they drink too much alcohol and visit pubs and clubs.The line relating to jay z ‘s Song 99 problems has been very slickly put in being ” 99 problems but drink aint one”The chick in the Video looks pretty and i am sure all the Alcoholics will love this song. 🙂

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The Desi Uk pop group sona family have thier own website

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Sona Family Glassy Downloads

Glassy Dance Mix
Glassy Original Mix

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The NEw Album 2 Much Glassy featuring singles ‘ Oh Kuri ‘ & ‘ Rarke ‘ Released By genie Records Will be out soon .Watch this space

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