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Top 10 Bollywood Blogs

Bollywood is a popular blogging topic. There are many Bollywood blogs in English and in other languages. Here are some of the top Bollywood Blogs, although there are many more out there to be explored. Exclusion from this list does not imply other blogs are not worthy of being read.Here is a guide to the top English-language Bollywood blogs and web sites. The guide is limited to English-language sites, basically because, those are the ones that could be reviewed . The list is pretty much based on original content , comments driven , and popularity based on other websites linking to it and mentioning it in their blogs and pr from popularity rankings sites on the net .

1. Bollywood Bloggers

Bollywood Bloggers is an international community of Bollywood Bloggers. This is a great resource for anyone blogging about Bollywood.As taken from blog ” Welcome at Bollywoodbloggers: Our Weblog about International Bollywood Community. We write about difference and same views about indian cinema in different countrie. This place is to make bollywood fandome international. We like to exchange. And you’re welcome to share.”

2. NaachGaana


well designed bollywood blog with all the latest articles on the bollywood pictures and parties and happeningsin the indian tinsel world

3. Bollywood Hub – Movies & Gupshup

Bollywood hub Has all the latest indian Bollywood gossip , wedding photo albums , Download links for mp3 albums and movies to watch online , Latest wedding photo galleries , and Hot reviews on the latest movies releasing in India and outside india. Bollywood – Hub has three young free lance editors who post the latest happenings sourced online and from all media

4. Beth Loves Bollywood

Beth hates Bollywood. She also reviews the films of Bollywood, and isn’t shy about pointing out the flaws of ones she doesn’t like so much. Being a Bollywood fan, Beth’s reverence for Bollywood shines through her writing. She has the reviewed films indexed, making it easier to locate her take on different Hinid films.

5. LUCKY 88

what this website contains is pretty much a whole a whole collection of movies that you can watch online like – OnLiNe BollywoOd movies – Afghani movies,Drama,Awards,Mp3 songs,interview, bollywood, hollywood, movies, online, free, online, afghan, songs, hindi, drama

6. Apun Ka choice


Bollywood at your fingertips!

Bollywood News & Gossip Celebs Movies Music ] [ South Tamil Telugu Kannada Malayalam is pretty much what apun ka choice is all about catering to all news from south indian movies to mainstream bollywood movies.

7. Ugly, Ugly Bollywood

Take a different look at Bollywood with this web site: “The best fugliness Bollywood, Kollywood & Tollywood have to offer.” This site is irreverent, a lot of fun.

8. I Crave Bollywood

Get your Bollywood gossip fix at I Crave Bollywood, plus find news, movie previews, interviews with Hindi film stars, reviews of Bollywood music, and a useful calendar of movie release dates.


Dhingana is not just online service for Indian music; it is an experience to cherish.What I liked most ,* No popups * Very good music collection * Music player with no dependencies * Free * Fast * Multiple playlists.You can just pick a movie and select which songs you want to play or then just create a list and play the songs

To put it simply, DesiDabba is our effort to be your one-stop guide into one of the world’s most lucrative television market, The Indian Television Industry. So enjoy and bring on the traffic.Its a beautifully designed blog which has got the right mix of everything bollywood , but focussing on online content like tv shows , sitcoms , movie links and news that you can watch online.

If you think your website is cool leave us a comment below in the comments link with your website url and your name and we will see if we can fit it in somewhere .

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Bollywood Stars Bollywood Actress Bollywood News Bollywood

These sites are for anyone into the Bollywood scene, or wants answers to the question “What is this Bollywood?” The web sites in this guide also provide box office news, celebrity gossip, and more for both the emerging and established fan of Hindi film.


Read an article in today, about Aamir Khan launching his website tomorrow. But same time he has stopped writing for his blog and had said “Alvida” to all his readers, fans and friends that he made during his bloging period. It was nice to see busy actor sharing his daily experience with all his fans, felt like he is one of us and not a big super star.


Top Bollywood Web Sites

The top Bollywood news web sites are a great resource for information about current and upcoming Hindi films. They also tend to be the most commercial, and have the resources to provide original interviews with the top Bollywood celebrities. The top Bollywood news web sites also cover the financial aspect of Bollywood, by providing box office information.


Buy a virtual ticket to Planet Bollywood where you’ll find a large number of reviews of Bollywood films, alongside user ratings. Planet Bollywood also lists the top recommended Indian films of the week, with complete reviews.
Bollywood Box office earnings information can also be found on Planet Bollywood. Now known as


Bollywood Hungama or india fm is the absolute 100% Desi bollywood portal that has all the latest gosssip and news on the latest movie releases and reviews and broadband videos with previews and parties held in bollywood. is the hottest Bollywood wallpaper website. Any bollywood wallpaper you are looking for you might end up landing on this site because it has heaps of amazing wallpapers of actors, actresses and the latest movies . some hotnspicy ones too. features interviews, news, box office reports, and reviews of Bollywood films. Also find information on TV and music.


GlamSham is a sleek and shiny “enfotainment” magazine covering Bollywood movies and celebrities. Also find movie stills, music and more.

The newcomers guide to bollywood
What is Bollywood, exactly? What does it mean when someone wags her thumb, or puts red dye in the part of her hair? Find out all this and more…


The No.1 Message Board for Desi Entertainment.

Masala Board - Masala Talk Forums

Post all those questions you ever wanted to ask about Bollywood and South Indian movies, actors and actresses, Indian babes and boyz, or anything that’s Indian Masala!

RAAGA – The desi Music portal

Listen to streaming music online from bollywood india , bhangra , pop tamil , hindi , and heaps other languages all online and for free is one of the top entertainment portals in India and around the world. Our Aim is to present Bollywood Videos, Music, Lyrics, News an organized manner to help the users looking for video songs, movies, music videos, Bollywood News, Bollywood Movie Lyrics, comedy scenes, Songs etc. Our idea is that users should be able to find the videos they want easily,play it in the same website without following a ton of the links.


Very IPBpopular forum with heaps of users and links for mp3s and movies to download and watch online from india ,pakistan bangladesh etc

Shekar kapur has got a blog, which I came to know today through rediff Shekhar Kapur. I nearly spent my half day going through his blog and reading all his articles. I must say, he really has very interesting posts and his life experiences on his blog. Can’t believe that he poured his heart out on his blog for his readers and be so true. My favorite article on his blog is “The Fruit Seller“, actually everything that he has written has a kind of depth and originality to it, so his total blog is my favorite.


Also check out this link which gives a nice listing of the top 15 ranked indian blogs ( Not just bollywo
od blogs
) – >

Budding new sites looking good

Good Golly, Miss Bolly!

Bollywood Cheese and Marshmallow Fluff! / German bollywood blog

Bollywood Food Club

Finnish Bollywood blog –

In this youtube, a band identified as the “Indian Beatles” performs a totally rockin’ version of “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” in Hindi. I’m pretty sure I have this song as an MP3 somewhere, but with the video added in, it’s a hundred times more awesome.

Commenters on the YouTube page add more details. The song is “Tumse Hai Dil Ko” from the film “Jaanwar” — and this: “The camera work is exceptional, the singing great, and the fact that this was just 1 year after the Beatles’ appearance on the Ed Sullivan show makes this work of adaptive plagiarism all the more impressive.”


Excerpts taken from – White Russian recipe

Look out, Hollywood and Bollywood—make way for China’s Chillywood

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