Umrao Jaan – The Remake

Umrao Jaan – The Remake

It’s Friday and one of the most anticipated movies in a long time, the Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan starrer Umrao Jaan, hits screens today.
The film, directed by J P Dutta, is based on Mirza Mohammed Haadi Ruswa’s Urdu novel, Umrao Jaan Ada.
This is a recreation of the 1981 film, which had Rekha in one of her most memorable roles as a courtesan in Lucknow.
”Helen of Troy”

There are less reasons for why you should not watch Umraao Jaan than why you should watch. If you’re looking for a movie with heart, then this is the one. In a rush of making comic, action and exotic foreign locale movie, this movie is the answer to all those who think the only way of making a good movie is by going to foreign counties and spending big cash with a exaggerated larger than life image to the movie.
The biggest heroes of Umraao Jaan are its screenwriter, the veteran Mr. O.P. Dutta and the director himself J.P. Dutta, music director Anu Malik, lyricist Javed Akhthar, singer Alka Yagnik, choreographers Saroj Khan and Vaibhavi Merchant, and of course most importantly Aishwarya Rai. The original story by Mirza Muhammad Hadi Ruswa is bigger than just saying fabulous. Abhishek Bachchan and Shabana Azmi too deliver great performances. Thorugh the only place I find the movie obtrusive is its production design and prop department, the rest of the movie is perhaps the best movie of the year. No doubts Aishwarya Rai will be nominated for at least Best Actress this year.
So what is bad about this movie.. Well just one fact that the movie is a bit too long and one easily loses patience till he reaches the end. Expect for those dozing heads in the theatre I saw, I must say it is a film I really like and though musical classics is not really my cup of tea, this one is. If I slightly compare it with Devdas, I see Umraao Jaan has got a bit drier texture as Devdas was more juicier.
The obvious comparison I would like to draw is with Don that release two weeks ago. Well, both are adapted screenplays but see how Don was full of errors while this one Umraao Jaan done by a veteran who has spent about 50 years making movies. Well, breathtaking exhilarating and what more I can say? The artists and the producers have made a 100% input and its worthwhile but the question is if today’s crowd likes such movies? That now depends upon the public to make this movie a success or a failure.
This is a great movie. Go and watch it.

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