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Unns _ the review

Unns’ is primarily a low profile movie with hardly any star value. Watching Sanjay Kapoor, Rituparna Sengupta, Juhi Babbar and Aman Verma is not everybody’s idea of entertainment in these times of star-studded flicks. This apart, the movie doesn’t even have a gripping story to keep you riveted to the screen. The end result is a passable movie that leaves you bored and jaded by the time the end credits roll.

The film has Juhi Babbar playing Natasha, and Aman Verma, her boyfriendSameer. Rituparno Sengupta plays Ria, a very close friend of Natasha.Ria’s romantic relationship with her boyfriend Rishi (Sudhanshu Pande) fails to materialize into marriage. After the break off, she marries Rahul (Sanjay Kapoor).While Rahul gives Ria all the love he can and makes for an ideal husband, she never feels the same way for him. Slowly, the cracks in their marriage begin to show. Ria begins to pick fights with Rahul on trivial issues. One day, she declares her decision to end the marriage.Natasha, a well-wisher of Ria, believes she is making a mistake by dumping her loving husband. She tries to dissuade Ria from her decision, but to no use. Ria’s mind is made up. She takes the help of Natasha’s boyfriend Sameer (who is a lawyer) to fight her case in the court.
Rahul wants to save his marriage. Natasha takes his side to fight against her own beau.
What follows is a courtroom drama in which the dirty linen in washed in open.
Although the subject of ‘Unns’ is a mature one, the treatment meted to the story leaves a lot to be desired. Director Bhupendra Gupta falls short of presenting the story in a way that would involve a viewer into the proceedings. The emotional trauma of the characters just doesn’t come through.
As far as performances go, Juhi Babbar and Rituparna Sengupta do eminently good job. Juhi is particularly good in the latter part of the movie. Sanjay Kapoor is just about fine. Aman Verma hams.
In a nutshell, ‘Unns’ is an avoidable film. It neither delivers wholesome entertainment, nor it makes for a touching drama.

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