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2007 was a rocking year for the Bollywood at the box office. 2008 seems to be even more promising with some much awaited projects in line. The first in the queue is ‘My Name is Anthony Gonsalves which has Amrita Rao in a totally new glamorous look and a new kid in the block, Nikhil Dwivedi. To be released in January first week is also ‘Bombay to Bangkok’ and Ajay Devgan and Vidya Balan starrer ‘Halla Bol’.

Also 2008 awaits the release of mega project ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ whose promos are already scorching the screen. Next in tow is the slickest thriller, ‘Race’ which boasts of an array of top stars- Saif Ali Khan, Akhshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Sameera Reddy. Then we also have keely awaited Goldie Behl’s ‘Drona’ which is expected to release by June this year. Yash Raj Films’ ‘Tashan’, Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Love Story 2050’, and Big B’s ‘Bhootnath’ will also release this year.

With so many promising releases, 2008 surely will be a Happy New Year!!


This movie is sure to give a 100 % entertainment to the people who want every money they invested to be worthy. In short the film welcome remains faithful to the genre from start to the end.

The director of this film borrows little story from the Hollywood flick of Hugh Grunt Starrer Mickey Blue Eyes and adds loads of masala to make the movie perfect for the Indian audience. Welcome succeeds in extracting the laugh out of the audience from statrt to end.

Uday shetty [Nana patekar] ,Majnu [Anil kapoor,] and their boss ,Sikander [ Feroz khan[ are basically Hong Kong based Serious-comic Mobsters, who are keen to get Uday’s only sister Sanjana [Katrina kaif] married into a respectable family. There are in search of a bridegroom.

Uday, who accidentally meets the handsome bachelor Rajeev[Akshay kumar] concludes that he is the person they are looking for and is very convinced that he is the perfect match for Sanjana.

Meanwhile , Sanjana is unaware of her brother intentions and meets Akshay Kumar in another sequence and they fall in love after some story track.. she is accepted by Dr. Ghungroo [Paresh Rawal] who happens to be an uncle of Akshay Kumar. But Ghungroo is unaware of the fact that sanjana is Uday’s sister.

When Dr. Ghungroo realizes his faux pas, he decides to be against the marriage,. The entire plot takes a u turn when Mallika Sherawat arrives on to the screen as Akshay’s wife.

Then the climax has a twist which must be watched on big screen .anyway it ends in a happy note

Characters & Performances

The introductory scenes of Nana Patekar ,Anil ,and Paresh are comedy filled . Specially the one liners which the characters deliver are interesting and applaud able with comedy touch.

The director makes sure to open three more surprises Vijay raaz, Feroz khan and Mallika sherawat who are introduced in the first half, but don’t have much scope in the beginning. But in the second half they are a must for the films story to fillm it with more hilarious comedy. the sequence between Nana and Mallika, and Anil & Mallika will surely make the audience laugh especially in the funeral scene which is shot with a comic touch.

The music is well balanced and is apt for the movie. It was composed by Anand Raj anand. The locales of Dubai and South Africa give the film a grand look.

Although the film has many super stars of bollywood the whole limelight is taken out by Nana Patekar with his impeccable performance.

Akshay looks simple and is fixed between his love and the mobster gang. This film will be a mark in his career.

Ail kapoor comes up with yet another dhamaka. The actor compliments nana beautifully and handles his role well. Paresh Rawal is superb yet again.

Although the meatier scenes are reserved for men, but still Katrina gets a good out of them. Mallika sherawat is simply superb with her acting, attitude, sex appeal, sexy curves and the foremost her acting as she carries away her character with zeal.

Feroz khan has justified his character well. Vijay raaz is first rate yet again.

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Directed by – Rajat Kapoor
Starring – Naseruddin Shah, Neha Dhupia, Ranvir Shorey, Harsh Chhaya, Saurabh Shukla, Vinay Pathak, Iravati Harshe

Mithya consist of an ensemble cast including Naseeruddin Shah, Vinay Pathak, Saurabh Shukla, Iravati harshe, Harsh Chhaya and Neha Dhupia.

VK has come to Mumbai, chasing big film dreams, like thousands of others. When fate makes him a pawn in a master game plan of the underworld, he unknowingly gets drawn into a whirlpool of events that will determine his future

Mithya is the story of an aspiring actor coming to Mumbai, like thousands of others hoping to make it big. He dreams Shakespeare but his reality is more of cartoon fare. The world deems him to be a “loser”, “unlucky” is more his take on the situation. And one day fate decides to grant him what he was looking for but again with a twist. Mithya is a story about destiny and its uniquely ironical ways. Humor, drama, romance, and suspense this edgy comic-thriller promises all of it.

Mithya will see the unusual pairing of Ranvir and Neha Dhupia for the first time ever and their chemistry has turned up great in the film. Set in the backdrop of the Mumbai gangland, Mithya is, unusual, not dark but an entertaining thriller. Slick, tight and suave, Mithya will see all the actors doing things they have not done before on screen.

Mithya Trailers/Mithya Videos

Mithya – Trailer 4 (15 Sec)[Updated 15, January, 2008]

Mithya – Trailer 3 (30 Sec)[Updated 15, January, 2008]

Mithya – Trailer 2 (1:38 Min)[Updated 15, January, 2008]

Mithya – Theatrical Trailer 1 (2:15 Min)[Updated 15, January, 2008]

My Name is Anthony Gonsalves
Directed by – E Niwas
Starring – Nikhil Dwivedi, Amrita Rao, D Santosh, Lilette Dubey, Pawan Malhotra, Mukesh Tiwari, Daya Shanker Pandey

Shakespeare meets Rangeela in this fiercely original, sassy and often enormously intelligent drama about a wannabe Bollywood star’s run-in with the underworld. The first thing that strikes you while watching this charming concoctio n of cinema and gangsterism is the language.
E Niwas doesn’t resort to any of the clichés associated with street-smart cinema. The guy at the center of the sassy drama is a face you can easily miss in the crowds. That’s the primary charm of viewing My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves (MNIAG). Your pleasure at watching the dreams of a cocky bartender concretize into a Bollywood success-story is never marred by the inherent stardom of the guy playing the dreamer. Nikhil dwivedi is the archetypal middleclass tapori, a male version of Antara Mali in Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon without the over-the-top hamming. Dwivedi’s portrayal of the cinematic wannashine works because he doesn’t resemble anyone we’ve seen before.
Niwas’ tongue-in-cheek narrative takes care of the rest. He audaciously brings Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar into play. And what a counter-stagy effect he achieves by making this dude from the neighborhood apply his own first-hand experiences with gangsterism into Shakespeare as he auditions for a part in a desi version of Julius Caesar. Vishal Bharadwaj, move over!

Creating a conflict between the ancient sacrosanct art of Shakespeare and the purely indi genous kitschy language of Bollywood’s pop-art is as tough a dream to realize as some guy called Anthony Gonsalves trying to compete with the Khans and Kapoors of show world.
“Change your name to Anthony Kapoor. If Shahid Kapoor can work so can this name,” suggests a cheesy Bollywood wheeler-dealer (the talented but underutilized Manoj Pahwa) in the bar where Anthony plays out a large part of his celluloid dreams. The bar with its thousand sweaty whispers sets the stage for Niwas’s noireJohnny Gaddar you’ve to admit E Niwas is endearingly straightforward in his rather complex screen plans of bringing modern-day gangsters into the same range of vision as the wanna-shine who dreams of courting Priyanka Chopra, chats endlessly to his father’s grave and even asks his dead father to please welcome the sweet sobbing heroine’s newly-dead mother.
The situations are refreshingly untried. The plot avoids the p(l)otholes by staying ahead of the clichés, creating tempting pockets of a world where danger and satire play blood brothers without getting into each other’s way.
More than a satire on street-smart dreams MNIAG is a story of a mentor and a boy he picks up from the streets. This part of the plot, ladies and gentleman, seem to be brought to you by Martin Scorcese’s The Departed. But all resemblance between Jack Nicholson-Matt Damon in Scorcese’s film and Pavan Malhotra’s troubled tormented mentoring of Nikhil Dwivedi in this film could just be a co-incidence.
MNIAG is a film you WANT to embrace. It has a commodious comic outer layering that fits rather well into the theme of playing out a Bollywood dream.
Some sequences stand out for their sheer inventiveness. Watch Anthony audition for the country-made Julius Caesar in front of a Mira Nair –like NRI film-maker (Lilette Dubey at her sexiest best). The way the shots are composed and cut to bring Anthony’s personal relationships into his interpretation of the Shakespearean script shows there’s no dearth of writing skills in Bollywood today.
What one misses are those interludes that would’ve taken Niwas’ film to a more serious exploration of the Christian community’s isolation from the mainstream.This is no Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai, not only because Niwas pitches the narrative at a far less political, far more entertaining level, but also because Anthony Gonsalves ko gussa aata hi nahin! Here’s a character who’s so well-adjusted to his struggle to achieve his dreams he doesn’t allow himself to feel the angst of being an orphan selling alcohol to gangsters and other anti-socials in a bar where neon signs flash despair to only those want to be despondent.
Nikhil Dwivedi gets into the skin of his character and emerges as quite an engaging boy next door, but the most powerful performance comes from Pavan Malhotra .As the boy’s criminally-inclined mentor Pavan pitches in passionately, squirting the sometimes-scattered narrative with a cementing sensitivity.
Anupam Kher as Pavan’s guru (this is quite a generation-encompassing theme!) is brilliant as the singing devout clan-head. But one wishes there was more of Mithun as Nikhil’s surrogate-father. True confessions in the church melt into a sporadic display of martial arts in the climax. A sketchy character. By then the wannabe star’s bonding with the gangsters has already met with a bloodied nemesis.
Far better than it outwardly seems and with far more resilient powers than most films about gang wars and other wars fought from within, MNIAG deserves a dekko for bringing us debutant Nikhil Dwivedi who jumps out of the chocolate box to claim a piece of fame without the window dressings. satire (to coin a new genre for this ultra-cool, sometimes-flabby but never-frail and certainly never-fail film). And if you thought Sriram Raghavan was cleverly noire-ish in



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December (5)

Manthan Ek Kashmakash

Directed by – Kumar Raj

Starring – Sanjay Kumar, Tina Rana, Raza Murad, Bharat Kapoor, Alok Nath, Shadaab Khan, Ali Khan

From : http://indiafm.com/movies/preview/13730/index.html

Sanjay Kumar as Dev Shastri
Dev Shastri, a protagonist is a scientist from small town Kakinada in India. He has completed doctorate in nuclear physics, he is a patriot who gets selected for a special course in IIT Mumbai to be conducted by ministry of Defense for later joining the Research and Analysis wing of the armed forces. During his special course in Mumbai he gets entangled with the underworld, due to which his life changes completely.
Ram Sujan Singh as The Don Dawoodia Pathan
Dawoodia Pathan is the one of the biggest Don of Underworld. He is very powerful and influential. His underworld business is in Gold and Silver smuggling and during 1985, his main passion was film industry in which he had invested millions of rupees. He quietly supports the protagonist Dev Shastri who is involved into an Anti film piracy project. His lieutenant Chota khatri leaves him and dares to establish his own gang and also goes into film piracy business which leads to a big Gang war in which the protagonist gets involved and loses his entire family.
Ranjeet as Dr. Ranjeet Batra
Dr. Ranjeet Batra is the topmost clinical Psychiatrist in India. The protagonist Dev Shastri goes into a serve total depression after losing his parents due to gang war due to film piracy project he had started. Dr. Ranjeet Batra plays a very important role as a Clinical Psychiatrist He uses his hypnosis techniques to analyse and help Dev Shastri come out of deep depression and Schizophrenic symptoms
Bharat Kapoor as Mukhiya of the town, Kakinada
Mukhiya Ji is a very close family friend of protagonist Dev Shastri’s family. He is a witness to the killing of Dev’s family in Kakinada. He is very religious minded and an honest man
Alok Nath as Dr. Khan
Dr. Khan is a senior Doctor employed in IIT Powai hospital where the protag onist Dev is admitted due to a head injury. Dr. Khan is a good friend of Dr. Ranjeet Batra who helps Dr. khan in analyzing and treating Dev Shastri. He is also the Boss of Dr. Pooja Sahani, treats her as his daughter and helps her out emotionally and professionally.
Raza Murad as Virendra Babu Shastri
Virendra Babu Shastri is the elder brother of protagonist Dev Shastri. They had lost their father who was in the Defense force during the Indo Pak war; hence Virendra Babu being elder to Dev has taken care of Dev as his son. Virendra Babu Shastri, being well educated, commands lot of respect in the small town Kakinada. He later gets killed due to his brother Dev Shastri who gets involved with underworld due to film Piracy project.
Ali Khan as Commander Rathod
Commander Rathod remains a mystery as he secretly comes into the life of the protagonist Dev and takes him secretly to Western Naval Headquarters department where he wants Dev to help him in decoding a mores code message being sent on scrambled frequency as Dev was genius. Commander Rathod’s presence is Real or Imaginary is revealed in the film towards the end as Dev goes into deep depression after losing his parents and shows schizophrenic symptoms
Kradhikka as Dr. Pooja Sahani
Dr. Pooja Sahani is a childhood friend of the protagonist Dev Shastri as has spent her childhood in the same small town Kakinada. She goes to Vicenza Italy to pursue her dream to become a doctor, coincidently after completing her studies. She picks up a job as a Neuro surgeon in the same institute Ute i. e IIT Mumbai where the hero dev is doing a special course in defense. Her friendship turns to love and because of her love for Dev she does everything possible for Dev, she helps him in coming out of the various problem he is getting entangled in his life.
The movie is a thriller which deals with the underworld gang wars. The protagonist, Mr. Dev is a genius nuclear scientist who has been selected by the defense ministry to undergo further training in IIT Powai. He gets entangled in the underworld wars during 1985/1995 period, as he is involved in a project to stop film piracy which was literally killing the film industry.
Later the hero loses his parents in the gang war & how he eventually takes his revenge. Dev meets his childhood friend Dr. Pooja, who has studied medicine in Vicenza, Italy. She works at the IIT hospital, where the hero falls in love with her. Dr. Pooja for the sake of love does everything possible for Dev in his struggle to recover from the events which happen due to his involvement in the anti film piracy project. This film is a very entertaining way to educate the masses, government and all concerned regarding the involvement of international & local mafias in film piracy & will hopefully contribute in curbing film Piracy.

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